A user-friendly guide on the HP printer.

my hp printer is offline
my hp printer is offline

A warm hello to all my fellow techies. The present write up has been planned to answer your persistent queries related to the procedural steps to set up the HP wireless printer also with the procedural steps to fix  my HP printer is offline issue. So let’s begin with the first section i.e the procedural steps to step up the HP printer.

Stepwise procedure to set up an HP printer 

Follow the steps below to perform HP wireless printer setup: 

  • Begin by carefully opening the printer box:

    Begin the procedure by carefully taking out the printer from its box and remove the tape along with the packing material from it. If your printer is an all in one, remove the packing material from the scanner glass too. Ensure that you remove the packing material from near the carriage and paper input tray.
  • Now connect your printer to its appropriate power source:

    As a second step here, connect your printing device to the power source and turn it on. Thereafter, set country, time and the region on the Control Panel of your system.
  • Thirdly, install and align the ink cartridges carefully:

    As the third step in the procedure, it’s time to carefully install and align the ink cartridges. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps:

a.As the first step, open the ink cartridge access door. You must wait patiently till the time carriage is idle before you proceed to the next step.

b.Now with a lot of care remove the tape from the ink cartridges just before inserting them in the carriage.

c.Now at this step, close the cartridge access door and follow the instructions displayed on the printer.

d.Follow the instructions given on the alignment page to complete the ink cartridge alignment as the very last final step here.

  • Now load paper into the input tray:

    Load the stack of plain white paper into the main input tray. Gently and carefully, slide in the paper width guides until and unless they don’t rest against the edges of the paper.
  • Now download, install the software and connect your printer:

    To download, install and connect the printer on your pc, follow the below-given steps:

a.As the very first step, visit the “Software and Driver Downloads”. Here enter your printer model if asked and confirm the OS version.

b.Download the most appropriate printer software and driver.

c.Install the downloaded software.

d.As the last step, choose the connection type if prompted and thereafter carefully follow the onscreen instructions.

  • It’s time to get your printer registered!:

    The next step is to get your Hp printer registered. It can be done with a professionals’ help or by visiting the official HP website.
  • Finish by signing in for HP instant ink:

    As the last step in the process, sign up for the HP instant ink from the Hp official website. This would ensure an ink cartridge replacement service. By enrolling for Hp instant ink the user would not be required to purchase the replacement ink cartridges for the printer.

Steps that you may take if your HP printer displays an “Offline” message on the screen.

The second section has been devoted to the troubleshooting steps that must be taken to deal with the problem my HP printer is offline issue.

 Don’t fret if your printer stops functioning over the commands that you give and displays an “Offline” message. This message simply means that your printer is unable to receive your commands due to some internal issues which can be dealt with by following the below-given steps. Have a look!

  1. Before anything look for the basic connections!:

    As the most obvious reason, the printer shows “Offline” status when it is not appropriately connected to your computer system, or it may also be due to some network issues leading to the printing error. To troubleshoot the same, check for the basic connections to progress with your printing function.
  2. Secondly, cancel all the previous stuck commands and restart your system afresh:

    If your HP printer is properly connected to the internet, the next probable fault might be due to the blockage of previous unexecuted printing commands. This issue can be rectified by canceling the entire former printing command blockage and starting the printer afresh.
  3. Thirdly, remove and reinstall the printing machine afresh!:

    If even after considering the above two steps your problem my HP printer is offline is still not solved then, try removing your system and reinstalling it. In order to remove the system, open “Drivers and Devices” given on the start option and right-click on your printer model and select “Remove’. In order to reinstall the same, connect your HP printer device to your computer system and with the aid of USB cable and turn it on. 

Wireless printer support

a.Begin by turning on the printing system and thereafter open the computer settings.

b.From the given screen select “Change PC Settings” and open “PC and devices” and thereafter select “Devices”.

c.Now as the last step in this process, click on the “Add a device” option and select your printer option to end this reinstalling process.

1. You must also check and deactivate the automated offline commands: 

Sometimes the activated offline and pause printing commands may lead to the obstruction in the printing function. In the steps below, we have mentioned the appropriate way to turn off such automated commands, scroll down and read on.

a.Firstly from the window button, look for “Devices and Printers” and select it.

b.Secondly, on the next page selects the icon of your installed printer.

c.Now right-click on the provided icon and click “See what’s printing”.

d.Now click on the “Printer” menu present on the upper right corner of the page and also ensure that you remove any checkmarks that would be present next to “Pause printing” or “Use printer offline” options, to solve issue like “my hp printer is offline”.

2. It’s time to do away with the obsolete driver and download a fresh one for your system:

An outdated driver for your printer may also create the printer “Offline” problem. In such a case it is best recommended by the professionals themselves to download the latest, most suitable driver for your system. Follow the mentioned steps carefully in order to download the driver for your system:

a.Click on Driver Easy and select “Scan Now Button”. Wait till the software scans for any problem devices in the system.

b.Now in order to download the best driver for your device, you need to click on the “Update” option right next to your HP printer in the Driver Easy screen.

To uninstall the driver, go through the following steps:

a.First of all, open the installed “Driver Easy” and from the options on the left column, click “Tools”.

b.Secondly, click on “Driver Uninstall” from the given options.

c.Lastly, look for your HP device to be uninstalled and then click on the “Uninstall” button on the bottom right part of the screen. Alternatively, you may also click on the “Update All “option and finish the process.

I hope the present write-ups has answered all your queries regarding the 123 setup (HP wireless printer setup) and the steps to undertake if your HP printer in error state.

Keep reading this space for more such tech related informative write-ups!