“My collection of high-end watches is like a sports car for your wrist,” says Entrepreneur Avi Koren

Everyone wants to splurge every once in a while. Entrepreneur Avi Koren creates luxury watches and jewelry for those who enjoy the finer things in life and want to live on the opulent side of life.


Avi Koren has his line of luxury watches that he creates under his brand titled “Avi Koren.” The collection features stunning, high-end pieces that you can’t resist looking at. He showcases his watches on his Instagram profile, with photos showing over a dozen watches. He was one of the first accounts on the platform that posted photos combining his luxury watches with luxury items, cars, and other lifestyle items. Currently, he has more than 500,000 followers on the platform. “My collection of high-end watches is like a sports car for your wrist,” said Avi. “They’ll get everyone’s attention as you walk by, and they’ll get your adrenaline pumping. Once you’ve seen one, it will be nearly impossible to resist the temptation to make it yours.”


His watches have been worn by several Hollywood A-listers, NBA players, and other celebrities, adding to their allure. His pieces are loved in the international football community and worn by players from teams like Manchester United, Barcelona, and Real Madrid. Players from the national football teams for England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, and Brazil love the watches. “I create intricate designs unlike any other, and that’s exactly what my clients crave,” said Avi. “It shows that I’ve done my work well and created something luxurious.”


Koren is the owner and CEO of several jewelry boutiques, located in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Belgium. He’s currently working on building the largest showroom worldwide for high-end watches and jewelry. “I’ve been passionate about gorgeous timepieces and jewelry since I was a child,” Avi Koren said. “My parents owned a jewelry store, and I would spend hours looking at the beautiful pieces they sold.” When he grew up, he graduated in Belgium as an official gemologist diamond master, paving the way for his design and boutique businesses.


Although the Avi Koren line of watches and jewelry is expensive, it’s a worthwhile splurge for anyone who loves high-end fashion and wants nothing but the best.