Must-try WooCommerce Digital Downloadable Plugins

WordPress is robust and versatile content management system that allows to design almost any kind of website i.e., Business, Personal blog, E-commerce and more. This post in specific target the E-commerce group who use WooCommerce Plugin and want to provide users the option to download digital goods (whether free or paid).

There are other comprehensive solution called “Easy Digital Downloads” who wants to sell digital goods that you can try who don’t have dependency on WooCommerce.

We see lot of group in “data from google” search for plugins that allow users to download digital goods that might be anything like Pdf Documents, images, songs, Archived Content (for multiple files at a time), or Privacy Files and many more. 

In fact there are some thousands of Plugins available from repository but are quite no plugins exempt two or three that provides such feature for WooCommerce. 

Coming to availability, following are the best WooCommerce Digital Downloadable Plugins that would integrate and supports with WooCommerce Plugin. After some hours of inspection, we are recommending some plugins that can help you do this job well. Let’s take a look!

  1. Free Downloads WooCommerce
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Free Downloads WooCommerce plugin available from official WordPress Downloads repository allows users to bypass the checkout to download your products i.e., If a product is free and downloadable, this plugin will remove add to cart functionality for that product and allow your visitors to download it straight away without going through the checkout. 

This plugin also supports single and or multiple files and is highly customizable. This plugin has pro version too, to get access to amazing features! Like PDF Viewer, Download Logs, Download Restrictions (to certain limit per day, per week, or per year). This plugin also provides downloads restriction at user level which is most required feature for Digital Downloads website powered by WooCommerce. In actual, Free Downloads WooCommerce Pro was built with WooCommerce memberships in mind.

Free Downloads WooCommerce Pro is also fully integrated with official WooCommerce Subscriptions alongside WooCommerce Memberships plugin to allow direct download from product page after paid user subscription.

All Pro features as follows:

  • Multiple Download Delivery Methods
  • Advanced Product Restrictions
  • Variable and Grouped Products
  • WooCommerce PDF Watermark
  • Download limitations
  • Download tracking with reporting
  • Account download history
  • Email capture
  • Product Reviews
  • Paid Member Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Products List
  1. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce one of the high-quality plugins that helps to remove unnecessary fields from the checkout page and keeps the checkout process smooth and easy for customers.  If you are selling digital downloadable products then you don’t need customer’s billing and shipping address and customers expect to get the product as quickly as possible after checkout. There is no settings required, just activate and that’s it. So customers can place an order faster. This way you allow user to skip insignificant demands to purchase and order easily. 

As if you are running a website that serves digital goods, this plugin is a perfect that doesn’t require customers’ information on address, billing. Your customers can have much great purchase experience without interrupting pointless fields.

Provided features:

  • Remove fields that are unnecessary for digital downloadable products
  • Single page checkout that helps quick checkout process
  • Adds Ajax to add to cart button
  • And more
  1. Checkout Manager for WooCommerce

Checkout Manager for WooCommerce also the similar one to above plugin and is one of the best checkout plugins for digital products. Apart from being best field editors, this plugin allows you to add, edit, and delete any fields on WooCommerce checkout page. This way, you can customize it for digital goods or any type of product you sell.

Checkout Manager comes with a wide range of features to optimize the checkout, making it an excellent plugin to recreate your whole checkout process. You can create conditional fields to display or hide fields based on the values of parent fields, add fees, let customers upload files during the checkout, and much more.

Main Features

  • Ability to remove, edit, and add fields from the checkout
  • Customers can upload files during the purchase process
  • Add new fees to the checkout
  • Core fields in the Billing and Shipping sections can be easily modified
  • Create conditional fields


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