Must-see places over the Great Ocean Road region

The 243 km (150 mi) long stunning coastline is home to several well-known landmarks and many activities that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Expect stunning natural treasures, little eateries selling excellent food, a huge wilderness studded with local species, and jaw-dropping panoramas along the Great Ocean Road, which is ideal for travelers. If you are traveling to the Great Ocean Road, Discover the secret attractions with the help of the Great Ocean Road Tour.


You’ve come to the correct location on your Great Ocean Road tour if seeing a koala in the wild is on your wish list. Following the Great Ocean Road southwest from Lorne for around 30 minutes will bring you to the settlement of Kennett River. Due to the enormous number of these natural creatures that live in the blue gum trees that border the main road, this has been renowned as one of Australia’s koala-spotting hotspots. So take a trip along Koala Walk and look in the trees for our sleeping cuddly companions. 


Several flowing falls, each charming in its way, may be found among the vibrantly green trees along the Great Ocean Road. The Hopetoun Falls, just a 15-minute handle from Beech Forest, is one of the most picturesque. Admire it from a vantage point above or take a trip through the forest ferns to hear and observe the 30-meter falls’ full power as it crashes into the stream below. 


Childers Cove should be added to your list if you enjoyed the 12 Apostles. Several limestone cliffs rising to 70 meters (229.6 feet) above the ocean perched meters from the white-sand beach. Childers Cove could be the crown jewel of the Great Ocean Road’s hidden beauties, with a vibe similar to that of the younger 12 Apostles but without the crowds. 


Sky Pods invites visitors to plant a tree on the site to aid in the regrowth of the land. More than 65,000 plants have been planted thus far! Traveling along the Great Ocean Road exudes tranquillity, adventure, and independence, all the more incentive to spend the night in one of the peaceful Sky Pods in remote Victoria. These remote eco-cabins blend luxury and nature while running only on solar energy. Before sunset turns the sky pink, spend the evening cozily by the fireplace. You will undoubtedly experience tranquillity after only a few nights here.  


From the native creatures at Tower Hill Natural Reserve to the hundreds of whales that pass by Logan’s Beach each winter, Warrnambool, on the Great Ocean Road, is well recognized for its natural marvels. But this beachfront hamlet has other attractions than animals. Discover why the area is often called the Shipwreck Coast at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Village. Admire ancient artifacts, experience village life in the 1900s, and see shipwrecks in the ocean’s depths.


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