Must Know Types Of Product Packaging

It is quite obvious that packaging players an important and major role in how a product is perceived or considered to be valuable. The packaging industry remains vital for businesses and there has not been so much evolvement through more focus have been placed on recyclability and portability. There are so many different types of packaging a company can use and here are a couple of them:

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes as the name implies are made from paper materials that are lightweight but durable. Paper boxes are easy to cut and customized to create different shapes, designs, and structures. They are made from changing fibrous materials obtained from wood and are available in different quality which can meet the different packaging needs with Sourci as it is the best packing source for all products.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are popularly referred to as cardboard. Cardboard boxes are mostly used by shoe companies and as storage boxes. Though with this popular visible use, these corrugated boxes as opposed to popular beliefs, also come in variable types and designs which greatly depends on how strong they are.  

Chipboard Packaging

Chipboard packaging is another type of popular packaging being made use of in several industries like; food, electronic, cosmetic, and brewery. Chipboard principally is a kind of paperboard that is manufactured from reclaimed paper stock. Another amazing thing about the clipboard papers is that they are also easy to cut, fold, and form. According to Sourci, it comes off as one of the most affordable methods of product packaging.

Plastic Boxes

Plastic is another great and popular type of packaging used by many companies for their products. There exist contemporary materials like wood, leather, glass, and ceramic just to name a few that have been replaced by plastic packaging. Its growing popularity is a result of its versatility and durability.

Plastic box packaging has several benefits with the ability to be recycled is one of its tops. These plastic packages can be used to preserve food properly and to get rid of contamination problems. Apart from this, these plastics are not also easy to break irrespective of how they are being tossed around.

Another reason most companies go in for plastic packaging material is that they easily show off a product at any angle without the need to open the package. More so, plastic packaging is also lightweight and stretchy. The plastics can also be customized with coatings and films to improve the packaging looks.

Poly Bags

A poly bag is equally known as a pouch or plastic bag and is produced from thin, plastic, and elastic fabric. It is also one of the popular types of packaging and can be used to package several types of products ranging from food stuff right up to chemicals and even flowers.

These poly bags are lightweight by nature yet can be reused and versatile as well. They can also be easily customized to different designs, styles, and sizes yet are pretty affordable. They are also designed with security features that enable them to keep products intact while they remain visually attractive to customers.

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