Musical Instruments: Tips to Take Care of Them

When it comes to music, everything can be magical. To be able to play the instruments and produce melodies is like being a magician. Speaking of musical instruments, numerous ones can contribute to the family. Music and its instruments are no longer an unknown thing in the world. The presence of an online music shop in the present world is itself evidence for it. In this way, people get to choose from a range of guitars, keyboards, drums, bass and many more rather than get stuck with the few selections in a local store.

A musician loves their instrument like their own soul. That includes taking time for its proper care and maintenance. Without this, the instruments can turn useless very easily. This article will give a brief idea of the general and specific ways to take care of the different musical instruments.

General Care

There are different types of musical instruments that provide melody to the ears. They all come in cases to be kept free from dust and dirt. Be it a regular shop or an online music shop, cases of different types are available.  One thing that can be done for all instruments is to keep them in the case when not ensured. The case should also be in good condition including its zippers, locks, hinges and even the handles.

Any musical instrument should have a separate place and nothing should be piled upon them. Room temperatures are the best to store the instruments in as fluctuations of any kind can cause damage. If at all, it is taken in from a cold temperature, give it enough time to warm up before the next use. You can check Here is their Pinterest page for more informations about instruments .

After every use, the instruments should be kept clean of the person’s fingerprints, dust or residue. Use a clean and soft cloth for general cleaning before putting it back into the case. The most significant thing after musical instrument repairs is to never decide to be a luthier without knowledge. Take it to a trained technician or otherwise, things can go wrong.

Specific Instruments

String Instruments

Be it a violin, cello, viola or any other stringed instrument, never place the hand on the varnished part of the instrument. Use an instrument polish frequently with around a four-week gap to prevent rosin from building up on the instrument.

When it comes to storage, keep the instrument with its string side upwards, even when it is placed inside the case. Never leave any unnecessary things inside the case, even if it is a shoulder rest. The strings of any instrument should be replaced every 12 months. However, it is not suggested to replace them all at once as it can increase the string tensions.

Wind Instruments

Be it a flute, a clarinet or even a saxophone, always wipe the keypads off the moisture, after every use. Internal moisture can also be harmful to the instrument so use a clean and dry swab for it. While placing the instrument inside the case after use, make sure it fits all the right indentations. Remove the neck-straps before putting them back in the case.

Speaking of the mouthpieces, always use clean ones and wash them in warm soapy water after every use. Never store the reed on the mouthpiece itself. Place it inside the reed holder instead.

Brass Instruments

Trumpets, Tubas or a Trombone should always be dry when it is stored. So make sure the water is drained and dried off using a clean cloth. The mouthpiece should also be removed and kept clean after every performance. If it gets stuck by any chance, use a mouthpiece puller to take it out but never forcefully pull it out.

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