Mural artist Melbourne: Exploring the many facets of Australia’s Street Art Scene

Melbourne Street Art is going through the best phase now, with the local government also supporting mural artists Melbourne by legalizing their work. Street art is now legal in Melbourne, provided you have proper permission from them who owns the walls on which the artwork is to be done. Melbourne has always support street art by hosting several street art festivals over the past few years. This has resulted in the city being proud of some of the most exciting artworks of recent times. Many artists have evolved with this opportunity and now riding fame.

Medium is not any bar in art. The word is equipped with multiple art techniques and art mediums that artists make use of. When we talk about art; it is just not limited to only watercolor painting or oil painting which we term painting or only sketching or drawing with pencil in which we call sketch or making sculpture using stone or wood which we term as sculptures. It is more than these.

Exploring Australia’s street art scene

  1. Brunswick

This Melbourne suburb is just six kilometers north of the CBD, is known for its multicultural atmosphere, shops, cafes, and restaurants. And obviously, there’s street art to see also. Here you can see the true spread of the street art culture with more traditional graffiti and murals.

  1. Richmond, from Prahran to St Kilda

The small alleyways spreading from the East to the Southside of Richmond features a lot of mixed work. There are no0 specific artists to be spoken of, as all artists tend to paint all over.

  1. The Laneways

Melbourne’s Central Business District has more than 260 laneways and alleys and serves as a heaven for Street Mural Artists Melbourne. Here is Hosier Lane, one of the cities best-known landmarks for street art.

The laneways and alleys of the city have turned out to be an urban open-air gallery, and also the work here is always changing. It is one place in the entire of Melbourne that street art is given such importance and recognition. More it, street art here in the laneways and alleys has turned out to be a good business opportunity for many. The colorful walls of the city have slowly turned as its symbol.

Murals can add an extra dimension to any space. With its unlimited variety of subjects to choose from, and include any picture of your own choice, artists have the freedom and also the capability of transforming a wall into a wall of art. Wall art Melbourne let their creative imaginations run wild and thus keep adding magic into the atmosphere in the city of Melbourne.

Promoting art is now no more limited just to the four walls of the galleries. Street Art (any art developed in public spaces) becomes a nice art visit by everyone who passes the streets. It defies all rules of owning art by an individual.