Multi-tenant IP PBX Software: The Most Admired Solution in the VoIP Industry

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that enables traditional telephony services to operate over computer networks. The service is quite similar to regular phone calls. The only difference is that the calls are made over a broadband high-speed Internet connection rather than over a regular telephone line. A VoIP service provider, also known as an Internet phone service provider, provides VoIP Internet telephony solutions to residential and commercial customers. The provider generally offers the VoIP hardware and services to subscribers at a monthly rate. However, hosted VoIP services are also quite common nowadays.

How VoIP Technology Works?

VoIP technology converts voice into a digital signal, allowing users to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices. 

One of the key benefits that VoIP services offer is their highly competitive long distance and international rates. Switching to VoIP might help users to save money on communication services as long-distance and international calls are usually free with VoIP service. The only charge that users need to pay is their internet access. 

Another big advantage that VoIP service providers offer is the fact that users can choose any area code that they prefer, even if they are away from home. Choosing an area code in a city where users have a lot of friends and family members will allow calls to be considered as local instead of long distance calls. 

Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution by VoIP Industry

The multi-tenant IP PBX software is one of the most admired solutions in the VoIP industry. This solution is used to provide the best in the industry business telephony services at cost-effective rates. By implementing this software, businesses can take benefit from the advanced communication features that are not available with the traditional telephony system.

So, what exactly multi-tenant IP PBX Software is? Well, a multi-tenant IP PBX solution is a complete communication and collaboration solution for all kinds of businesses including small, mid and large-scale business, especially those which have multiple branches in the same city or worldwide. The solution assists businesses to streamline communication while improving operational efficiencies. Some of the key benefits of implementing the most scalable multi-tenant IP PBX solution for your business are:

  • Improved Productivity: Each branch and department of an organization can be connected easily for advanced communication with the help of a multi-tenant IP PBX solution. The solution will automate specific communication while decreasing the time involvement of manual resources. This omnichannel communication system helps to eliminate all barriers from communication and allows employees to save time, which can be utilized for other important tasks. All these things lead to improved productivity. 
  • Economical: The multi-tenant IP PBX solution doesn’t require heavy hardware and wiring. With a hosted PBX system, the installation, operation, and maintenance process of this solution is relatively cost-efficient.
  • Wide Range of Communication Features: The multi-tenant IP PBX solution is essentially a private telecommunication system. The solution usually comes with a wide array of communication features that are not available with any traditional telephony system. Some of the key features of multi-tenant IP PBX solution include caller ID / restricted caller ID, dashboard with real-time system status, phone book, call rating, call return, conference, call routing, redial, speed dial, queue & agent with recording option, playback extensions, music on hold, voicemail, universal call forwarding, unconditional call forwarding, call detail reports (CDRs), group call pickup, multilingual support, multi-tenant support, find me / follow me, and many more. 
  • Robust Collaboration Platform and Controlled Management: The multi-tenant IP PBX solution reinforces different branches working under the main office. The main office has admin access, allowing admin to control the features and usage for all other branches that have tenant solutions. Each branch can communicate with other branches with all assigned features, which further boost collaboration. Moreover, the admin has the right to have full control over all tenants to make sure that all the resources are utilized in the best possible manner.
  • Better ROI: As the multi-tenant IP PBX solution comes with assorted benefits for businesses like improved productivity, instant communication, cost-effectiveness, and many more, it leads to increased sales and ultimately better ROI (Returns over Investment). 


If you are looking for a multi-tenant IP PBX solution for your business, it is important to choose the right IP PBX software provider that can offer the development service of a multi-tenant IP PBX system with custom features as per your requirement. This solution can have all simple to advanced IP PBX features, you can get it customized based on your communication and collaboration requirement.