Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH) and its services

Pakistan’s health system has historically been a source of contention for our nation. The state of the health sector did not change despite the arrival and departure of numerous governments. In Pakistan, the majority of people lack access to even the most basic medical services, you can barely find any good neurosurgeon in South Punjab. In many rural locations, there are no hospitals or doctors to provide the basic and essential care. Some government hospitals lack the necessary staff members or facilities. For hours on end, people wait in line to see a doctor for a checkup. Additionally, there may not even be a doctor on staff when patients purchase their medications from compounders.

The majority of these problems are seen in small cities or rural locations. Large cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Multan saw an improvement in the situation. Private hospitals are the reason why life is better in major cities. Large cities have a large number of private hospitals and clinics, giving people several options for where to receive treatment. The cost and level of care are what separate public from private hospitals.

Private medical facilities offer top-notch care and state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. But the cost of care is a problem; the majority of our population cannot afford to receive treatment at private institutions. But to address this issue, several private hospitals in Pakistan, including Multan’s Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital, are working for people’s wellbeing (MASH). See what they offer that makes them different from other private hospitals in Pakistan.

Modernised infrastructure

The hospital boasts a remarkable, cutting-edge 500-bed structure with cutting-edge technologies. To make patients comfortable, it includes rooms and wards that are broad and roomy. The facility is immaculate, and according to patients, MASH is the cleanest hospital in the country. They have the most recent and cutting-edge testing and diagnostic equipment.

highly trained physicians

One of the Multan hospitals with the most knowledgeable and experienced staff is MASH. They have doctors and specialists who have received their training abroad. They have some of the best medical professionals in the nation, including renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Aneela Darbar along with other well-known surgeons, she works at the Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital. Their doctors treat patients with the utmost professionalism and have the necessary experience to handle any problem.

In order for a relationship of trust to develop between patient and doctor, doctors make patients feel at ease around them. People trust doctors to take care of their health, making doctors the face of any hospital. MASH is aware of this, which is why they only work with the most skilled and reputable medical professionals to provide their patients with the greatest care.

FM radio and social media education sessions

The Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital has best psychiatrist in Multan and is also distinguished by, among other things, its regular social media awareness training. Every week, their medical professionals publish health articles on various media platforms on various subjects and appear live on FM radio to discuss how sickness can be prevented and how Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is offering the service about the specific ailment.

People in today’s digital age rely solely on social media for all of their information. Therefore, it is crucial to share interesting content on social media and inform those that use these platforms. People believe medical information and view it as genuine when it comes directly from a doctor, who appears in the video to discuss a condition and its preventive. People can listen to essential information whilst commuting or working at their jobs thanks to their weekly live sessions on FM radio. These sessions and movies are incredibly beneficial for individuals and are essential in helping patients develop a sense of trust.

Psychological clinic

MASH is the hospital where you can find the best psychiatrist in Multan. MASH not only offers mental health care but also doesn’t simply care about people’s physical wellbeing. For their mental health clinic, known as Spring Clinic, they have a completely unique building and setup. For treating patients of all ages, Spring Clinic includes licensed clinical psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists. They have certified speech therapists on staff to treat kids with speech problems. Additionally, they provide developmental and behavioural therapy to kids with autism.

Additionally, they provide postpartum care for women, which is crucial for them. After cochlear implant surgery, kids are treated. After the surgery, the children experience a big transformation, and they require the appropriate counselling for this. The spring clinic’s therapists support them throughout this procedure.

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