Muhammad Sohaib – helping people achieve their fitness goals

Muhammad Sohaib is a flaming, young individual who has committed his time, energy and personal space to not just extensively working out but also benefitting other people along the way as well with his passion.

He began lifting at the age of 16 and when it grew on him eventually, he made it an integral part of his routine. Muhammad Sohaib is now a fitness blogger, a training expert.

He says that fitness and good health is attributed mostly to a well-disciplined and time-tabled routine. “One has to be dedicated and committed,” he says.

Sharing his future plans and current workings, Sohaib “I am currently working on a new project, which is basically a fitness awareness programme. I want to teach people how they can tackle mental illness, depression and anxiety with exercise and eating clean.”

Shedding light on his own fitness regime, the young trainer says his fitness routine is actually very simple. “I workout six days a week. Sunday is my cheat day.

When asked what people should be consuming the most this summer in terms of food and beverage, Sohaib said, “Summer means more loss of water from your body. The major source of water loss from the body is due to sweating. Keeping yourself hydrated in scorching temperatures is very important for your bodily functions. I recommend drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you need to drink 100 ounces of water or about three litres of water every day.”

Muhammad Sohaib i says he admire Dwayne Johnson the most when it comes to fitness. “Although, he’s not a professional bodybuilder but his physique is admired by millions. He’s the person who I can always look at and be motivated, not just because of his physique, I love his work ethic and physical abilities as well.

”So, if you’re inspired and motivated and really want to know more about this And if you’re looking for more of his amazing transformations and work, you can check out his Instagram account @muhammadsohaib_official where he keeps his fans updated on everything or simply check out his YouTube for more details: Muhammad Sohaib fitness