To talk about Msb Mario is not simply to talk about a writer, an artist, a singer or even a content creator. The boy with the hat from Barcelona or Nino de la Pili. Many adjectives for a single artist. That’s his first marketing: the one you don’t realise but several external impacts with different wrappings transform in your brain into one and the same person: Mario. From internet documentation, we don’t know too much about him, but he grew up in a small neighbourhood in an already very small town in Catalonia called Reus. El Nino de la Pili, as his fans know him, always praises the Montserrat neighbourhood in his concept, that small place full of different ethnicities with small resources that together add up to many; that is to say, coincidences nourish art, but there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing someone like you fulfil your dream. Msb is that among an area full of people who accumulate around screens to see their gestures, their cheekiness, their oddities, their addictions. And that’s bad? Maybe; but are you watching it? I’m sure you are.

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They were wrong about the issue that brought it to the fore. Blanko. He bet on colour in a world in which you can only do marketing with a specific colour, the opposite of that tone can mean punishment, or if not more, the dislike of an artistic environment, which criticises every move El Nino de la Pili makes, but if we’re talking about him in this section, it’s because that’s marketing, it’s because that’s just marketing, you don’t understand him as in Tim Falkow, you don’t like him as in Lontanopordentro, you find him disrespectful as in Dorme Bu, even unpleasant as in Spoken Meiker Word but casually we believe that those many who think that, are the ones who are watching his videos the most. And that’s what Msb wants. He can be out for two months, nobody knows where he is, but on the strangest day at the most alternative time in the world he will post a video with a private preview as if it were a private cinema of his video on his Discord. A Discord that brings together perhaps the most passionate girls and boys on the scene, they themselves have explained to this platform how Mario connects one day every three months to play with them whatever game they’re playing and after 4 hours he sends a message and says: “in 30 minutes give mum and dad a hug, I’ll put out a poem, and we’ll all be thinking: it’s 3 in the morning but I’ll wait”. Romantic? Maybe.

But El Nino de la Pili makes his content exclusive to his fans, and there’s nothing better than that when you like an artist. They see it before, they’re like Mario said in an interview: a team that plays a rotating 4-3-3 and everyone knows where the squares are that are created as spaces to make a video of an independent artist with no corporate backing go viral. When a fan is happiest is when he’s surrounded by many like him, and with whom he can also have fun, that is to say, in the product of the Pili’s Child, he’s not the center, they are, the fans, when Mario wins, he steps aside and leaves them as if the triumph were his own, flooding the networks. And what triumph you may ask, simple, this Catalan artist barely speaks, we’ve been able to contact few people who can tell us anything more than what we all see. And that’s another great marketing in a world in which record companies impose tik tok’s. You don’t see Mario unless you want him to show you more than just his face. He showed no enthusiasm when he broke the record of views for a writer from small town living in Barcelona. He hides, after studying a lot about how he works in terms of his product, he’s really just playing with the crowd on Instagram because his fans already know when the content is going to come out. He’s always training. He leaves them the fake footage on Discord and then disappears again, because as impressive as it sounds, he’s in charge of directing, editing and creating all the content himself so the guys and girls on Discord have told us that he makes tutorials of all his videos while he’s making them and leaves the videos for them so they can improve their own content. In other words, El Nino de la Pili teaches you how to play, while you are winning for him.

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And last but not least, Mario makes the most of all his physical attributes, after more than 75 publications in physical magazines around the world in the form of fashion editorials in 2023, he became one of the most sought-after models on the alternative scene. The fact is that El Nino de la Pili explores what we all know, music, lyrics, but also fashion. His atypical appearance, his poses with women’s clothes, his marked features, his unkempt moustache, even his latest video in which he appears running  make-up over his eyelashes and, above all, his hat. The same hat that has led him to call his marketing 360° after launching a personalised line of hats with the Ataraxia Hats brand just before Three Kings Day (Santa Claus in USA). It’s not just that it’s a distinctive element (which is indispensable in an artistic world that always follows the same patterns), it’s that in three days the same hats were sold out. But we’re not surprised, because the promotion of her novel was inside a bathtub full of foam, reaching the first sales position on Amazon 2 hours after the launch. Because we’ve seen that the actress of his video weeks before the release of the video insults him in stories and then she is the protagonist of the video. Msb plays, and in the Discord we’ve been told that he played football as a kid and it shows. They know him, they know what he’s going to do, they expect it and he always plays the same way, Mario just enjoys making everyone he wants to get out, he pisses them off, and then he gloats over the loss because there are always more losers in the world than winners and the only equality that exists between them is that they all have phones, computers, etc. and the videos are very similar to the ball, it rolls better to the one who treats it differently. Mario takes the networking train well, and knows how to balance that point of artist and business. We all know about his opening at Madrid Fashion Week two years ago. But in today’s article we wanted to highlight the latest move of this Catalan artist, after in just 3 days reaching one million views with his Spoken Meiker Word, and increasing his own record as the writer with the most views in history, attached in his Discord a collection that we thought it was clothes because of the network marketing, but then, as we’ve already mentioned, with the help of his fans we’ve been told that Mario has created a collection of customisable mock-ups in which you can change them and attach them to your 3D figures all of them related to his latest visual poem. In our time it would be like a sticker collection but we’re not sure how to conceive of that. What we’re sure of is that being complete is impossible in a world of imperfections, especially in the world of business, but Msb Mario and his way of selling poetry is something unique and from which we hope to continue learning. Because when we thought he was almost dead, they started calling him the snake. Because when it looked like he was going down, Mario named Lance Armstrong. Because in the United States we love what’s different. And we could go on with the comparisons but we think it’s better if you look for yourselves at some of the Mock-up designs we’ve told you about and his latest video.

We hope next time to be able to talk directly with him, but we want to give special thanks to Joana, Gabri, Joel, Andrea, José for giving us all the information that we could not see at first sight and that has left us impressed.

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