Moving? Learn How to Move to a Refrigerator Properly

Did you know that the average cost for the best refrigerators is approximately $2,300.00? Buying a quality refrigerator takes time, research, and savings. So, if you’re planning to move homes, why would you leave this investment behind?

Before moving your refrigerator, make sure your contract doesn’t require appliances to be left behind. If your contract allows it, taking your refrigerator with you can save money. And, you can avoid the headache of buying a new appliance again. 

But, are you worried about the process of how to move a refrigerator? It’s not as challenging as you think! Read on to learn important tips and safety precautions. 

How to Move a Refrigerator Without Getting Hurt 

When moving your refrigerator, safety comes first. You may have a lot of questions about moving. Moving safely can ease these concerns. So, how to move a refrigerator without getting hurt? 

Clear It Out 

The first step to safely moving your refrigerator is to clear out the contents. Don’t forget to check freezer drawers and compartments. This will make the load easier and cleaner to lift. 

Secure the Refrigerator 

You need to secure the refrigerator doors and cords. You can do this with tape or string.

A swinging door or twisted cord is a safety hazard. So, don’t miss this crucial step! 

Have the Right Supplies 

Besides manpower, you’ll need some supplies. Here are examples of the right supplies to help you safely move your refrigerator: 

  • Dolly 
  • Moving rug, blanket, or towel 
  • Tape
  • String or rope 
  • Tape measurer 

Know Your Limitations and Communicate 

Whether you’re using a moving blanket or a dolly, know your physical limitations. If you need to move slowly or take a break, listen to your body. If moving with a partner, communicate each step of the way.

If you ignore your limitations or don’t communicate you can cause damage to your refrigerator. In that case, you may require refrigerator repair services

Tips for Moving a Refrigerator 

You’ll need additional best practices to move your refrigerator out of your home and into a new space. Here are some ideas: 

Take Measurements

Did you measure your existing space? Did you measure your new home or apartment? Check that the refrigerator can fit through doorways, hallways, or onto a moving truck.  


Keep the refrigerator upright. Tilting or laying the refrigerator can cause dents, scratches, or other damages.  

You May Need Professional Help 

Even if you have the supplies or strength to move your refrigerator, you may still be worried about your safety or causing damages. That’s normal. Consider hiring a professional team. 

Want to Know How to Move a Refrigerator? Follow These Safety Tips and Best Practices! 

You know the expense and value of your refrigerator. So, if you can avoid it, don’t leave it behind! Moving your refrigerator is hard work, but it isn’t impossible.

Remember to follow safety precautions. Clearing out your refrigerator and securing the appliance ensures a smooth move. It’s important to communicate and know your limitations.

And if you’re worried about personal or appliance damages, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. If you found these tips on how to move a refrigerator helpful, check out our other home stories here on our site. 

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