Moving in winter is worth it

According to the statistics, July to September are the preferred months for a move. Most people plan their change of residence during the warm months mainly because of the favorable weather conditions.

The last thing you want to do is move in a snowstorm. The winter weather is still causing problems in many parts of London and this unpredictability does not let people come up with the idea of ​​organizing a move in the winter. A move in the winter is not only associated with difficulties and inconveniences. There are many benefits that attract more and more people to move in the cold season.

Moving in winter – benefits

If you decide to move between November and March, you can expect the following benefits:

You will find a suitable apartment faster

Winter is not the season of the change of residence. Finding an apartment in the summer months can be tedious, time-consuming and depressing. Make sure that between November and March you will have less “competition” and get to your destination quickly.

You can count on impeccable quality and better service

Since most people prefer to move in the summer, the moving companies are not so dedicated during the winter months and can calmly make you an offer. They get more attention and are considered individually. This means that your move can run as smoothly as possible and you get a perfect service. Since the planned removals in winter are not that much, the forwarders may be able to change their homes sooner. The few orders in cold months are prerequisites for efficient provision of all services

Moving in winter will save you money

In winter, you will find a new apartment much faster and at reasonable prices. The demand is not so high and you can find the right apartment for yourself without much effort. Also the removal services during this period are reasonably priced. You can get a good offer by choosing man and van Guildford. Compare several offers before choosing one.

Winter is not so cold anymore.

The last two winters have been really mild, and according to the experts, that’s because of global warming. Last year we looked at flowering trees instead of icy roads at Christmas and that’s quite a trend. According to the experts, the spring temperatures have a downside. In our case, that plays a positive role.

The high temperatures make the moves relatively easier. There are regions where there is measurably less snow. Winter months are not so cold anymore and that makes a move to this season not so disgusting.

What to pay attention to when moving in winter


Although the temperatures in winter are not so low, you have to pay attention to some things when moving.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast, as the weather in winter is often unstable. If the weather forecast clearly indicates that it is snowing on the day of the move, you should use brooms to make snow. Not only the furniture and cartons should arrive dry in your new home. Note that the relocation helpers are likely to enter the apartment wet and therefore can easily slip. You must be prepared to wipe the moisture often to avoid accidents.

If there is bad weather and there is no prospect of a speedy change of traffic, you better rent a van well prepared for the winter like Man and Van Farnham. Perhaps it is advisable to leave the driving in case of bad weather to an experienced driver.

If you have friends and not shippers for your move, you should consider a few things. It can sometimes take up to several hours for the helpers to load all of their belongings. If the temperatures on the move day are too low, it is necessary that everyone in the house warms up again. It is recommended that you provide the helpers with hot drinks. In addition, prepare warm work gloves. Keep in mind that moving on cold winter days requires gloves made with certain materials that will give you an exceptionally good grip. The normal gloves can make carrying cartons and heavy furniture a risk.

If you have plants to transport, you should pay attention to a few things in advance. If your plants show a significant dependence on the temperature factor, consider how well you transport them. Note that the moving truck is probably cold and the plants cannot tolerate it for a long time. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the plants warm by having enough blankets to wind them. If you drive your car to the new house, you can take the plants with you.

Do not forget, if it is possible to heat your new home two days before the move. Otherwise you bring with you heaters so as not to spend the first night in the cold.

Check if the light is on in the new apartment. If necessary, buy light bulbs (with different sockets!) Or lamps with plugs.

If you move in the winter, you should pay a lot of attention. Plan your move in time and benefit from the offers of the forwarding companies. Winter is no longer a challenge for experienced man and van Guildford moving company, well prepared for the cold days of the year!