Moving From Behind the Camera

The Journey of Chris Young American producer, director, and writer, Chris Young, wears many hats. His journey started in law school, but then re-routed to the entertainment industry. He graduated with a law degree from Southwestern Law School, with an added degree in business. He landed his first job as an entertainment lawyer with Tulchin & Associates, but his natural business acuity drove him to leave the monotony of a job to start his own venture. In 2011, Young formed, BesoBeso, a jewelry company with designer Jacqueline Brown.

Within a year the company earned $1 million in revenue. He then sold it to FD9, a Dutch investment group, where he remained president of the fashion incubator. Over the years, he and his company designed and developed jewelry for celebrities like Michelle Obama, Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift, among others. After contributing for 3 years, he moved onto his next venture. After establishing himself as an entrepreneur and venture capital investor, he got involved in the entertainment business. With experience from his law days, where he catered to media clients, Young had the required knowledge and insight he would need to become a producer. With successful projects like “The Devil’s Double”, “Las Vegas PC”, and a host of shorts and review programs, Young became a name in the world of TV production. Young has the reputation for being an avid traveler, photographer, chef, and a marketer.

His appetite for discovering business opportunities, let him grow as a producer, director, and a writer. Exploring and exploiting the advantages of social media, he established himself as a YouTube personality and a blogger. After being behind the camera as a producer and an investor to TV projects, he finally found his inclination to move to the front of the screen. Since 2016, Young has been actively hosting television show reviews, with interviews like The Los Angeles Reviews, Travel Reviews and more. He has about 6 shows to his credit as a host, and is currently shooting for “Budget and Ballers”, an upcoming travel and food show on TV. His passion for travel, food, and writing has earned him his industry nickname, ‘The Young Travelier’, but his journey does not stop here. His endless desire to explore and rediscover himself as a businessman, creative soul or an adventurer, he keeps adding new feathers to his hat because Young believes that he has “miles to go before he sleeps and the journey must go on”.


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