Movin’ On Up: 6 Tips to Grow Your Moving Company

Employers’ flexible remote work policies coupled with low mortgage rates are causing a shift in moving trends.

Over 27% of Americans are considering moving to areas where they can have more space. Residents of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, in particular, make up the majority of home seekers who wish to move to Phoenix, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Austin, and Atlanta.

For up-and-coming moving companies, this presents an opportunity to grow their customer base and expand their operations. That being said, let’s get right to the best tips for growing your moving company.

1. Optimize Your Website

One of the best moving company marketing tips you can follow is ensuring your website generates leads. There are straightforward ways to do this, including adding a contact number, posting forms above the fold, using power words, and so on.

Your website also needs to be mobile responsive. Remember, your target customers don’t just use their laptops or desktops to look for moving services. Your forms and click-to-call buttons should be simple and load properly on mobile devices.

2. Invest in Moving Company Marketing

Beyond your website, think about the marketing strategies your competitors are using. These include PPC or pay-per-click advertising, online reputation management, SEO, content marketing, and so on.

Since these strategies require know-how, time, and effort, business owners should work with an agency or hire an online marketing consultant. This way, you can focus on the other aspects of moving company growth.

3. Don’t Forget About Traditional Marketing Methods

Brochures, fliers, and other moving company direct mail marketing materials are still effective, especially when you target home sellers.

An easy way to get started with direct mail marketing is to work with a company that guarantees high-quality leads. It’s also more convenient to have them automate your campaigns, so you don’t need to worry about stuffing envelopes or adding stamps.

4. Get Social

Your plans for a moving company expansion require tapping into and growing your network. The good news is those opportunities abound in the social media world.

If you’re not active on social media platforms, start now. The more you put it off, the more you’re losing out on opportunities to connect with customers and potential business partners. Again, if this is too much work for you, you can work with an agency or hire a social media expert.

5. Price Your Services Competitively

There’s no need to lower your rates. People understand that quality goods and services cost more.

Back these up with excellent customer service, quality work delivered on time, and glowing testimonials and reviews from past customers, and people won’t be surprised when you send them estimates.

6. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Satisfied customers are the best marketers. They’ll refer your business to their relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Remember, though, that customer service starts not only when someone hires you. Even if people don’t call you or engage with you on social media, they can see for themselves if you know how to treat customers right.

After all, online reviews are there for everyone to see. From the time a customer calls you or emails to after they’ve moved to their home, they need to feel that you’re committed to delivering excellent customer service.

Ready, Set, Grow!

Now that you know some tips for growing your moving company, which ones are you most excited to try?

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