Movie or Games? Here are top 3 smartphone games that are based on movies.

Over the years, human beings have found endless ways to keep themselves entertained. This includes a range of things, from games that require constant mental and physical attentiveness to movies, something you can enjoy even on a really lazy day where you don’t want to think or move. Fans of each method of entertainment often like to compete with others to show why their preference is objectively better. This debate is in close proximity with the ‘books VS movies’ one, but slightly different – here, we compare video games to movies.

RPGs or JRPGS (Roleplaying games) often have engaging story lines that anyone would love to go through as the protagonist (or any other character they may want). Turning movies into video games can be a great way to get the audience even more pumped about the game, since it would be characters that they have already gotten a chance to know and love.

Here is our list of the top 3 smartphone games that are based on movies.

Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth

One of the most popular, free to play strategy games by Kabam following its regular pattern of mixing real-time strategy with social gaming. Despite being comparatively new, Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth has the most downloads on Google Play. It is a really fun and engaging game that you can pour hours into, inspired by one Dissertation Proofreading Service UK of your favorite movies with the characters you’ve grown to love over the years.

The game play essentially revolves around building your own kingdom and going head to head with your rivals in war. You get to decide in the beginning whether you want to play as the elves or the dwarves, and then the game begins. Is it important to note that they game play does not vary too much according to what you pick – the choice is really just for fun. Mostly, only the location that you’re playing in changes, as well as the characters in the team of heroes that joins you. You can

  • Create and join alliances and make other alliances their friends or enemies. This is what makes the game interesting and allows you to fight worthy opponents.
  • When you attack another outside land, it is computer controlled. Everyone on this land would be computer generated, so it’s not a multiplayer setting. Through these battles, you can earn bonuses to resource production.
  • Through these battles, you may also gain wood and stone for building. You can even raid goblin camps that you would get a lot of material from.

This game is great for you if you like working in groups and have good coordination. It allows you to cooperate with others in your team and learn leadership skills. The race that you choose to play as will decide what your city looks like.


You can understand the popularity of this game by the fact that even though it was made and released before the movie even came out, it already had 500,000 downloads on Google Play. Another amazing characteristic of the game is that unlike other games that claim to be free but have hidden charges and in-app purchased, Interstellar actually is entirely FREE. There is nothing that you will have to purchase once you start playing the game, which is really something to appreciate because it’s incredibly rare in Google Play games.

The game, as fun to play as it is, cannot be categorized into a specific genre. This is because in it, you can do so much, but nothing really seems like the main focus. It’s like playing multiple games at once within this one game. You can create your own planets with their orbits and send our spaceships to travel around these planets and go on different missions. It allows you to have control on almost every aspect of the game.

  • The main goal would be to save the earth before fuel runs out. You have to see how long you can keep going before running out of fuel.
  • There will be obstacles like surviving going past a black hole, giving you a lot of opportunities to use real-world physics to play this game.

Godzilla – Smash3 and Godzilla: Strike Zone

This is a pretty straightforward game, but just as awesome nevertheless. These are two games because the action couldn’t possibly just fit into one, carrying an incredibly entertaining story line where you get to play as first and third-person characters as you battle one of the most ferocious monsters in fiction today. It’s pretty much you going around shooting a bunch of things, which makes it a great game to play when you don’t really feel like concentrating too much or being too careful. Despite Godzilla: Strike Zone having in-app purchases, it is certainly the more entertaining of the two.

The character you get to play as is Ford Brody, and you will be going through San Francisco rescuing survivors. The four missions you will get to play as are as follows:

  • HALO Jump
  • Ground Rescue
  • Trapped by Fire
  • Onto the Rooftops

Each of these four missions has its own story line where you have to rescue survivors form different situations, facing multiple carrying obstacles. These missions paly out in this exact order and in the end, the player has to climb a roof to rescue survivors, where he finally comes face-to-face with Godzilla itself, finally getting to indulge in the boss fight for this game. After this, the player escapes through a helicopter the game ends.

All in all, it is a very engaging, thrilling game that anyone who’s a fan of sci-fi and action games would surely enjoy spending hours playing.


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