MoversUp – How to pack a moving truck like a pro?

Are you unsure how to pack a truck? There are many ways to maximize the storage space behind a truck, from the placement of furniture to the use and disposal of moving supplies. You will be able to save time and avoid making multiple trips between your homes by using this space efficiently. If you are planning a DIY move, it is important to know how to evenly distribute the weight in the truck. Also, how to include certain tools to protect your belongings. Our tips will show you how to hire movers in Dubai, like a professional. We wish you all the best and have fun with your move!

Determine the size of your truck rental

You should reserve your truck rental at least one month in advance of the move. Many truck rental companies have a variety of sizes available, from smaller cargo vans to 26-foot trucks. No matter what size truck you choose, don’t rent one that is too small to carry your stuff. Although renting a smaller truck is cheaper, it will end up costing you more time and money. If the truck you rent is too small to carry your belongings, it will force you to take multiple trips back and forth. Make sure you read the size guidelines of the truck rental company to ensure that you rent the right size truck for your next move. For more information on truck size, contact a truck rental representative. Our guide on choosing the right size truck for you will provide more information.

Get packing supplies

Before you begin packing your moving truck or movers in Arabian Ranches, make sure to have all the necessary supplies. These supplies include sturdy boxes, plastic wrap and packing tape as well as a dolly, furniture pads, blankets, and moving blankets. It’s important to pack your belongings with the proper protection, as they may move during transit. You may need to add padding and moving blankets to cover the spaces between your belongings and boxes. You should also have a mattress bag and moving straps to protect your items. Find moving boxes and other supplies.

Invite friends to help

Do you plan to load and pack a moving truck yourself? We advise you not to! Ask your family and friends to help you load and unload before moving. It is not a good idea for you to lift heavy furniture or boxes by yourself. You could injure yourself and end up with a long-lasting move. The moving process will be significantly faster if you have friends or family who can help. You could save money by renting a truck sooner.

Disassemble furniture

Furniture takes up a lot of space in a truck. Take apart and disassemble all furniture pieces to save space. This will maximize space and help distribute heavy furniture evenly. You can begin by removing the legs from dining tables. You can then store the legs and dining table upright on your truck. Next, take apart all headboards and bed frames. To avoid crushing small objects, you can store moving boxes or other items in drawers or on top.

Prioritize the largest and most heavy items

Are you ready to load the truck? The largest and most heavy items should be loaded first. These items include mattresses, beds frames, tables, chairs and refrigerators. These items should be placed on the bottom of the truck due to their weight. This will prevent damage to other boxes and belongings. You should also place heavier items near the driver’s seat in the truck’s front.

Place tables, headboards, and couches in an upright position

If large furniture is placed horizontally in a truck, it takes up more space. Place all sofas, tables, and headboards in a vertical, upright position to save space in your truck. You can also provide additional padding and protection for these furniture. Protecting upholstered chairs and couches can be done with plastic wrap or moving blankets. This will protect expensive items and prevent them from being damaged in transit. It will also protect smaller boxes and personal belongings.

Roll up rugs

To save space on your truck, all rugs should be wrapped in plastic wrap and rolled up. To prevent bad smells spreading, make sure your rugs are cleaned before rolling them up. According to Hire A Helfer, to roll a rug properly, roll it with its top side facing out. This will prevent damage to the rug’s backing. To save space, roll the rug up and tie it.

Last, load the lightest items

Have you packed all your heavy items on the truck? Now, it’s time for you to load the lighter to medium-sized items. This includes smaller furniture and moving boxes or movers in business bay. Before moving pictures, mirrors and televisions onto the truck, they must be protected. You should also remember to pack lighter items in bags. Keep your kitchen appliances and collectibles in their original boxes. Important documents may be packed separately. Be sure to load lighter items on the truck so they don’t get crushed under furniture or appliances. Last, make sure you have your moving day necessities and overnight bag in a convenient spot on the truck.

Weight distribution

It is important to ensure that all the weight is evenly distributed in the trucks back when packing it. It will be easier to load and unload the truck if the weight is evenly distributed. You will be able to drive the vehicle more easily on the roads. Double-check that all weight is evenly distributed. Make sure the heavier items are placed towards the cab, and not against the walls. Heavy items should be placed on top of lighter items. Lighter items should be located towards the front and at the top of the truck.

Use moving straps

Last but not least, make sure you secure all your belongings with moving straps when you pack them. You can prevent your belongings from moving during transit to your new house. One section of the truck should be strapped at a time. For example, load heavy items (tier one) and strap them in place. Next, strap medium-sized items (tier 2) in place over the larger items. To keep them in place on the journey down the road, all moving boxes must be strapped down.