Mountain Biking – Have a dynamic and stunning experience now

Mountain bike season never ends. Whether you mountain bike for fitness or just for the outdoors, focus to have good handling skills and trail confidence for a much better experience. There are several light options with impressive run times and low overall weights. Choice is yours. Go for helmet mounts or handlebar mounts and also other versatile, power, size or ease of products which cover a wide range of quality levels that are available.

What type of head torch is required for Mountain Biking?

Are you looking for a quick and easy installation of mountain bike head torches that gets the job done in one fast step? Power wise you must have the light to be around 1500 or 2000 Lumen. Also, the light needs to be a little bit more focused and concentrated. If you ride in a group then following a rider allows you to use their light as a guide. If you end up riding in front then the lights of the riders may illuminate the trail ahead of you. For using your own head torch, you will need to increase the amount of Lumen. Always go for a bigger, powerful and expensive setup.

Lumen count depends on:

  • total amount of visible light in some defined beam or angle,
  • emitted light from some source,
  • amount of power the light permits.

Advantages of tactical flashlight for Mountain Biking –

  1. Superb trail visibility without overpowering
  2. Assigned lighting levels and special functions
  3. Great for night runs, biking, hiking and other adventures
  4. Easy on and off secure mount works on the trails
  5. Backed by lifetime warranty
  6. LED rechargeable torch light with different modes for day and night. It also provides a powerful beam to lighting up the entire width of any path
  7. Great for knowing run time and settings
  8. Secure mount for a strap style
  9. More beamed and concentrated
  10. Wide array of beams for numerous ride
  11. Non-blinding high flat beam
  12. Fully water resistant
  13. Uses less energy and has longer battery life
  14. Can be dimmed to max the battery.

Mountain Biking torch – With sleek and stylish looks

If you are looking for a very modern, sleek, stylish, light weight, water resistant mountain bike light; Olight World will be sure to improve your night riding experience. You will have an amazing experience that will complement your bike in a cool way to stand out from the crowd.

Our light set ups are extremely bright, fully waterproof, durable, longevity and come with a tail light in the box for rear protection.


Some riders prefer to ride in the twilight hours for a cool and peaceful experience. Riding at night can turn your local trails into a full new riding adventure. We have a variety of flashlights and helmet lights in various price categories with a lot of versatility and choice available for the night rider. Our mountain bike lights are fantastic options for those who like to see the entire trail ahead. An emphasis is placed on lightweight, durable and overall pleasure in the user experience.