Motivating an off-track project team

Project teams need more than just a good salary and benefits. These are the things that might attract them to a role in the first place, but if you want to ensure that you keep your team members then they need to be motivated. A work culture that motivates its employees is one that will have a better retention rate, which could lead to more successful projects.

Listen to your team

As experts such as Parallel Project Training will tell you, several times, is that good communication skill are vital when it comes to leading your team. Communication is however far more than being able to talk to the members of your team. You need to be able to listen as well. If your team members don’t think that you are taking their ideas on board and actively listening to what they have to say, they may lose interest. Listening effectively also means having regular one-to-one conversations to find out what makes people tick and offering them a chance to air any issues.

Incorporate new technology

Technology doesn’t stand still. There are always changes, whether these are in the hardware that you use of the software that helps you do your job. Software companies listen to organisations and continually add improvements based on feedback. These improvements can make all the difference to how your team feel about their work and their levels of motivation.


Providing training to your project team is a great way to revitalise how they feel about their role and motivate them. Sometimes basic training courses for project managers can give a real insight to team members into the project planning process and this can actually help when it comes to working on a project. Training should also include learning to use any new software that the company buys as well. If your team don’t know how to get the best from the software you have, then it isn’t worth having. Not only that, but they could lose motivation if tasks that should be easy are onerous without needing to be.


Employees love to feel like their efforts are being recognised and it really doesn’t take much effort to make sure that this happens. Whether they have completed a particularly complex task, found a problem and produce a solution or even assisted another member of the team with something that was particularly complex – feeling like their commitment to the job is recognised can go a long way towards helping them to be motivated.

Provide opportunities for growth

It is important to work with your employees to find out what they want from their future. Do they have skills that are not being used? Do they want to develop these skills? If they do then you could work on nurturing these skills, giving them tasks that will stretch them and provide opportunities for them to improve the skills that they have. There may be a particular field that they would be interested in pursuing further. If this is something that can be done as part of their current role, then you can help them to achieve it.

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