How Do I Motivate My Teenager To Exercise?

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The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are numerous and even doctors recommend exercising as a way to maintain good health. Teenage hood is a period when the body activities of the children are active and require constant detoxification. Teens tend to have huge appetites and this means that they are at risk of developing health problems if they become couch potatoes.

For the already overweight teenagers, this can be a sensitive topic because they may already be suffering from low self esteem regarding their size. Studies have shown that healthy teenagers tend to have better self esteem and are able to handle their lives much better than their unhealthy counterparts. Lack of exercise can cause many diseases since toxins build up quickly in a teenager’s body ad require to be eliminated through exercise.

Exercising goes with healthy diet since it beats the sense to eat unhealthy food and engage in exercise. Parents therefore should ensure that the food prepared in their houses is healthy and all unhealthy snacks and treats are tossed. Exercise helps to boost the immune system, releases chemicals in the brain that give a sense of calm and tackle stress, it also provides an opportunity to interact with people and develop social skills.

You can motivate teenagers to exercise by;

* Lead by example– children often pick up the habits of their parents, if you want your teenager to exercise then it is advisable to be engaged in the same. If you often complain about a hurting back or sprained foot after work out sessions, most likely your teenager will begin to associate exercise with pain and refuse to participate in it.

To motivate your teen, demonstrate your enthusiasm with exercise and maintaining a healthy weight this way they will feel motivated in their own fitness activities. Take a morning run with your child, this provides a good time to bond.

* Reward their efforts– if your teenager is struggling with weight issues, it is important for the parent to be supportive. In school they may face ridicule from their peers and this can thoroughly affect their self esteem and overall performance.

If a child is bullied about their weigh then most likely they will not even be motivated to lose it, rather they may sink into depression and self pity both which can increase their appetite and hence increase their weight.

Reward every milestone the child achieves, do not set the bar to high nor pressure them to be slim like so and so, rather parents should encourage them to lose the weight gradually and perhaps give them presents to encourage them.

If they exercise, you can reward them for example with new sports shoes or buy a sports bra for the overweight female teens. This makes them even more motivated to lose the extra pounds.


Exercise is important for a healthy and growing young adult their metabolisms tend to be very high. The importance of exercise therefore cannot be over emphasised. Encourage the child to take up a sport of their choice, it is even better if the parent plays along with them or if not so, is present to support them during the exercises period.

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