MOT Checklist: All You Need to Know

MOT test refers to the Ministry of Transport test that inspects the road worthiness of your vehicle. Vehicles that are older than three years are required to go through an MOT test every year. It checks if your car meets the minimum standards of safety and emissions.
Once you pass the MOT test, you’ll receive an MOT test certificate, and you can drive away with it. If you fail the MOT test, the MOT tester will provide you with a list of aspects that you need to repair or replace to pass the test. After receiving the advisory list, you get two options: you can either let your vehicle be at the centre and carry out the repairs or take your car to a garage of your choice. The only condition is that you need to bring back your vehicle within ten days to take the MOT re-test. If you fail to do so, you’ll have to follow the whole process again. Perform the checks to learn about the underlying problems early and get them repaired before your MOT Darlington test day.

Listed below are the top 9 elements you need to check to pass your annual MOT Test-

Number Plate –

It’s essential to ensure that your vehicle’s number plate is readable, dust-free, and completely laminated. A quick wash is enough to clean your number plate.
Its font and spacing must oblige with the legal requirements. The number plate must not have any background overprinting.

Brake Lights –

Ask someone to check if your brake light illuminates when you press the brake pedal. If you don’t have anyone with you, try to carefully reverse up to a reflective area and check on your own if they are working.

Tyres –

The minimum tread limit of the tyre is 1.6 mm around the tyre’s third quarter. Anything less than that will lead to MOT failure. Tyre tread is easier to check: the majority of tyres come with tread wear indicators. If your vehicle’s tyre tread is below 1.6 mm, immediately replace your tyres. Most tyre experts recommend changing your tyre when its tread depth is below 3 mm to ensure optimal performance from the vehicle.

Lights and Indicators –

Make sure all the exterior lights and indicators of the vehicle are in the best working condition. Lights such as headlights, brake lights, number plate lights, etc., must be working. If any of your vehicle bulbs go off, take it to a professional and replace it.

Screen Wash –

The screen washers must have sufficient fluid to clear the windscreen. An empty screen wash or blocked jet can lead to MOT failure. Avoid this by ensuring to top the screen wash fluid when needed. If the brake fluid turns dark brown or black, replace it.

Car Horn –

Test the horn. The sound coming from your car horn must be loud and clear at all times. If your vehicle horn fails, you’ll eventually know about it while driving. But, it’s better to check it before taking an MOT test.

Seats and seatbelts –

Check the condition of your vehicle’s seat and seat belts. The car seats should move normally and lock securely in any given position, without any problem. For seatbelts, check if there are any cuts on the belts or if they can retract or not. Check if the seatbelts can clip in or unclip without any hassle.

Fuel and Engine Oil –

Your vehicle must have adequate fuel and engine oil to pass the MOT test. Check it and top it up if required.

Windscreen and Wipers –

Carefully inspect if your car windscreen has cracks or chips on it. If so, it’s likely to obscure your view while driving. It can be a safety hazard and will lead to MOT failure.

To prepare your car for its MOT Test inspection, ensure to go through the pre-MOT Checklist. If you find any faults in the vehicle, repair or replace the component before undertaking the test.
For the best and genuine service, always select a trustworthy and DVSA approved MOT centre. Our garage has trained and professional technicians who’re ready to look at your vehicles with utmost care and precision.

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