Most Searched Top Six Historical Places of India

India is the seventh largest country in the world and it is also known for its rich heritage and history. There are many historical places and spots where more than millions of foreigners visit per year. Increase in the number of foreigners visit to India shows the values and the importance of the rich heritage culture.

If you are planning a visit to Delhi India or any Indian wants to visit any historical place then this article will cover a few of the best historical tourist spots where one must visit. If you want to take direct flight New Delhi India to any historical place so Air India, Indigo,Spice Jet and GoAir are best option you with low cost.

Historical Places where one must visit are:


Locate an immense scope of land loaded with undulating slopes, rock arrangement, and bygone sanctuaries in Hampi. Get some truly necessary harmony and calm by visiting the Garuda Shrine, the Hazara Rama Temple, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Virupakshya Temple. Meander their old lobbies, wonder about the protected status of Indian divinities, and find out about the Vijayanagara Empire. Trek back to the glory of nature and move to the highest point of Matanga Hill to get to stunning perspectives on the Hampi scene. A while later, chill somewhere around hopping precipices and taking a plunge in the lake close by. Finally, get to know the city’s provincial life and participate in social practices and exercises: jam with performers during nightfall, sport a few fears at Hippie Island or hover back to a zen-like climate by remaining in a bungalow by a rice field. Head toward the south of India and meander the once antiquated capital of Hampi.



The archeological marvel was worked in the year 1799 for the regal ladies. Medieval occasions saw the carefully followed pardah framework. Along these lines, so as to ensure that the illustrious ladies are in contact with the outside world, this castle was assembled. The ladies could perceive what all is occurring in the outside world without being seen by others.

Likewise, one remarkable component about the Mahal is that it is as the crown of Lord Krishna as SawaiPratap Singh was an enthusiast of Lord Krishna. Investigate progressively about the HawaMahal history by visiting the landmark.

Jaipur, otherwise called the pink city has become a significant vacation destination as of late. HawaMahal is one of the most visited attractions in Jaipur. Visit HawaMahal on a wonderful night and you will be left completely entranced by the spot. Experience the rich past and social legacy of Rajputs in a single spot. This lovely structure has likewise become a decent outing spot as various children rush the spot with their families.



The TajMahal is an amazing white-marble tomb appointed by Mughul Emperor Shah Jahan for his darling spouse, MumtazMahal. Situated on the southern bank of the Yamuna River close to Agra, India. the TajMahal took 22 years to fabricate lastly arrived at finish in 1653.

This stunning landmark thought about one of the New Wonders of the World, dumbfounds guests for its balance, auxiliary excellence, many-sided calligraphy, decorated gemstones, and heavenly nursery. Something beyond a dedication for the sake of a life partner, the TajMahal was a the revelation of enduring affection from Shan Jahan to his left perfect partner. The distance from Agra Taj Mahal to Delhi international airport India is 4 hours via Taj Express Highway and you can take your flight from New Delhi India.



Venture back in time at JallianwalaBagh and remember one of the most notorious occurrences in Indian history. Commemoration landmarks, exhibitions and a sound-and-light presentation describe the disastrous occasions of the JallianwalaBagh Massacre. In 1919 British troopers opened fire on a great many spectators who had accumulated to commend the Baisakhi Fair, a yearly celebration held all through Punjab. Today, JallianwalaBagh is a consecrated journey site that praises the fallen exploited people.

Enter through a gatehouse and stroll along the limited path that leads into the now serene park. English officers remained at this passage, along these lines keeping the unfortunate casualties from getting away. Follow the tree-lined pathway to a redbrick cenotaph encompassed by little pools. Four lights richly enlighten the cenotaph at night. Look at the interminable fire, which glimmers 24 hours every day.



JantarMantar Jaipur is an area for count of date and time in Rajwada’s period.

Presently we are in the 21st century where the sky is the limit with specialized and logical help like an investigation of stargazing, JanamKundli (birth subtleties), sign(RashiChaker), GarahNakshatra, Time and numerous crystal gazing relate things all are effectively educated through the web or numerous logical wonders.

However, in our old time, it was hard to get any source which can give this information. Our precursors were got this data through the sun shadow, Amavasya(dark moon lunar which arrives in a month between two lunar fortnight implies Krishna Paksha) and Purnima(full moon lunar stage come in each every month between two lunar fortnights mean Shukla Paksha).

Mehrangarh, otherwise called Mehran Fort was worked by Rao Jodha in 1459 in Jodhpur, which is perhaps the biggest fortification in the nation. It is arranged at the highest point of 410 feet raised slope and monitored by enormous dividers.

 One of the most effectively conspicuous posts in Jodhpur, it has showed up in numerous Hollywood and Bollywood creations, for example, The Lion King, The Dark Knight Rises, and the later – Thugs of Hindostan. The passageway of the fortification, on a slope, is magnificent and has seven doors. These are called Victory Gate, Fateh Gate, Gopal Gate, Bhairon Gate, DedhKamgra Gate, Marti Gate lastly Loha Gate. Each of these was worked at various occasions and fills a quite certain need. While despite everything one has characteristics of gun balls being hit on it, different has spikes that can shield it from elephant and creature assaults. Be that as it may, Victory Gate was worked to celebrate the success of Maharaja Man Singh over Jaipur and Bikaner armed forces. The fortress likewise has rich royal residences, for example, the Sheesh Mahal (Glass Palace) and PhoolMahal (Rose Palace).