Most Reliable Future Sites for online shopping in Pakistan

Most Reliable Future Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan

Due to the increasing online shopping trend in Pakistan; it is necessary to know which online shopping store is more reliable than others.


The Internet is inevitably the biggest invention of the history of mankind. It has made many things possible that were previously considered difficult. In the past, shopping was all about going shop to shop in search of your preferred items that required a lot of time and energy. However, the internet changed everything. From collecting more information about different products to comparing prices and making a purchase.


Everything is now at your fingertips. The trend of online shopping has quickly embraced by the customers. It has become impossible to survive for companies without having a digital presence. The volume of online shopping globally is so high that the world’s richest people are from leading online shopping websites in the world.


Online Shopping Trends in Pakistan. 

Pakistan was slower in adopting this trend of online shopping. With the 7th biggest population in the world; people are keen to take advantage of the benefits offered by internet based shopping like convenience, saving of time and money. However, the absence of the biggest online shopping giants like Amazon and eBay coupled with less adoption of smartphones kept this trend slow.

Now things are changing quickly because smartphones are available at very reasonable prices. Broadband internet is also cheap as compared to many other countries. This had lead to the tremendous growth of internet users in Pakistan. As a result, people have also started making online purchases and this trend now booming. Despite the fact, that many online shopping customers have been concerned about the possibility of fraud during online transactions. With the emergence of online shopping portals where different sellers can list their products; it was essential for them to introduce such a model where buying risk is minimized.


Which is the most reliable online shopping store in Pakistan?

After 2012, we see few online marketplaces like and has allowed third party sellers; and successfully managed to provide quality products to the online shopping customers. However, these online shopping sites including many others are still facing troubles. If you have a look at Google reviews, there are many negative or bad reviews where people got poor quality products or even in few instances completely different or used items. So you will find many people asking on the internet that is is a reliable website? Is it ok to buy from

Since you should only make a purchase from reliable sellers with good feedback on this online shopping portal. We are introducing you to a relatively new online shopping site; which has more than 600 SKU products under its different brands. In case you are looking for home & décor items, men care products, home care products, women care, natural baby care, shoe care, packed foot, etc. then you can fully trust this online shopping store and there are many reasons. Why it is the most reliable online shopping website.! 

WBM International online shopping website is a relatively new company in Pakistan. However, they have vast experience catering to online customers in the United States and Europe. Now they have brought this expertise to online shopping in Pakistan. The company believes that there are genuine reasons behind the lack of trust in online shopping platforms that needs to be addressed.

Here is how the WBM International Online Shopping Website protects the buyer`s interests.


  • Offers 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Although rare in Pakistan, the company believes that in case consumers change their mind due to any reason should be able to return their products. So when you buy from, you have peace of mind that you can return products in case of any problems.


  • Surety of Genuine Quality Imported Products. 

There are more than 600 different types of products available that are all genuine and imported products. So, when you buy directly from the WBM International website, you have 100% surety that, the products are imported, genuine and as described.


  • Quick Delivery of Products. 

We understand when you buy a product online; you want it to be delivered as early as possible; therefore we have arranged one of the fastest delivery services in Pakistan. If you live in Lahore; we may try to deliver on the same day of your order while in case of other cities it may be the next working day.


  • Huge Savings with Discount Offers. 

Online shopping customers love to buy during sale and avail discount offers, that`s why has a lot of savings and discount offers on the place. You can avail up to 50% discount with 7PM discount deals and an addition 10% discount with free home delivery.

While you make a purchase through; you can be assured that your money is safe because unlike other online marketplaces you get what you have ordered. In addition to WBM`s own brands, you can also find high quality imported products of other well-known brands. So whether you need an imported head & shoulder shampoo; or imported Lux soap or any other imported home care items. There is no better option site than this for online shopping in Pakistan.



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