Most Profitable Mobile App Niches: Your Guide To Mobile App Niche Marketing

According to a study, mobile applications have become an emerging business model. Various mobile applications focused on small groups to larger consumer base are developed in order to provide maximum services most profitably.

In 2016, revenue from the mobile app niche market amounted to $ 44.8 billion (61.8 billion) and is projected to grow to $ 80.6 billion in 2020 (to 139.1 billion in 2021).

Fitness & health apps

According to Statistics, the market for mobile fitness apps in 2016 amounted to $ 1.778 billion, and growth to $ 4.1 billion is expected in 2021. Thus, in 2016 the percentage of fitness applications in revenue was about 15%, and in 2021 their share will be about 12%, which is not so small.

The market for mobile fitness applications is developing largely due to the fact that more and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle. It is associated with the emergence of new devices that help the users to remain fit, as well as the development of the internet. According to Go-Globe, applications in the Health and Fitness category in 2015 took second place in increasing the time spent on them, losing to music applications.

Safety applications

The undeniable advantage of safety applications is that they are designed for those who are used to paying. Applications of this type are designed to solve a variety of problems: storing passwords (1Password), taking notes and compact storage of information (Evernote), scanning documents using a gadget (Camscanner), speed reading (Speed ​​Read), etc.

Mobile app marketing strategy comparative narrowness of the target audience is compensated by a large proportion of those paying up to 5–7% of those in freemium applications. The size of the average check is no less attractive to the developer; sometimes, a user pays up to $ 20-30 per transaction. Business applications can be paid (1Password), can be classified as freemium.

Online streaming apps

To know which strategy you choose in online streaming apps, you must be clear about your target customer. “There are streaming apps that are aimed at the mass public, without a specific profile (youtube, Facebook etc.) and, although they are free, they monetize through advertising, which sums up in huge profit. Undeniably, these can be one of the best mobile app marketing strategies.

Investment apps

When it comes to investing, we can lean on technologies. Various mobile applications facilitate the decisions to be made, advising us while launching our money to the market.

Controlling personal finances and managing where we invest the money can be made through these investment applications. For example, how much money do we spend on leisure?

Every investment needs control. In order to facilitate the management of your economy, we can make use of such applications that are always available on your Smartphone. The goal is to meet the needs of most professional investors and beginners and that too ensuring profits and minimizing risks.

With Investment apps, you can start to organize your finances and learn more about the financial market, in order to save and obtain great economic benefits.

On-demand service apps

According to a study carried out by the Analytics company, the average user spends around 5 hours a day on their phone, and more than half of this time is spent on apps. In 2017, revenue through service apps generated a total of 76 billion dollars.

On-demand service apps changed the dynamics of the market forever. For this reason, the implementation of these mobile applicatios in business models is a fundamental pillar for the growth of every startup.

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