Most Popular Weed Strains in Ottawa

When you’re looking to branch out of your comfort zone and try something new, you might not know where to start from. While you could go ahead and buy Jet Fuel marijuana strain, Ottawa or any other strain, it’s better to research beforehand.

If you don’t have a preference and would be okay trying out a variety of new stains, consider opting for popular strains here in Ottawa. With an increasing number of people using weed recreationally, there are many rare weed strains available now that you won’t find elsewhere.

Jet Fuel

When looking to find the best Jet Fuel marijuana strain online, it’s essential to know what to expect from this weed variety. It’s created by combining the famed Aspen OG and High-Country Diesel strains. When you’re looking for a heavy-hitting and intense weed strain, this is definitely ideal.

It has an immediate effect on your head and can give a tingly feeling throughout your body. It can make you feel extremely giggly for a few hours after consuming it. It can leave you feeling super lazy, so it’s better to avoid this strain if you have plans later on.

Purple Kush

If you’re looking for the perfect hit just before bed, there’s nothing more perfect for your needs than Purple Kush. It’s a reasonably popular strain in Ottawa, with many opting to take it to have the perfect night of sleep.

It has a long-lasting euphoric feeling and can enable you to have vivid dreams while you’re sleeping as well. When you’re looking for a chill time before bed without feeling too heavily sedated, give this strain a try.

Blackberry Kush

If you’ve been running around all day and need to feel calm right away, try out Ottawa’s favourite Blackberry Kush. It’s known for being a solid variant that gives an immediate body high.

While Blackberry Kush has a low potency, its immediate effects can make it feel otherwise. The flavour of this strain also tastes precisely how it sounds, with strong blackberry notes and a hint of earthiness.


When you’re in the mood for chilling out and relaxing, you need to give the Romulan strain a try. Its parent strains are the White Rhino and North American strains, which gives it a high potency.

It’s known for making you chill out and is excellent when you want to take a nap during the day. It can literally send you all the way to meet the Romulans, which is the reason for its funky name.

Ice Cream Cake

When you have nothing in store for your day, consider giving the delicious Ice Cream Cake Indica strain a go. It has sweet vanilla notes and a creamy ice-cream flavour, making it perfect for a dessert hit.

When you’re ready to turn in at the end of the day and need a sweet note to enhance it, don’t hesitate to order the Ice Cream Cake strain to do exactly that for you. Whether you end up buying the best Jet Fuel marijuana strain online or go for Romulan or Ice Cream Cake, know you’re going to have the best time while trying it out. Some of Ottawa’s most popular weed strains are ideal when you want to relax and watch a couple of TV shows or movies.


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