most popular celebrities in the Madam Tussauds museum

London may be a pretty huge place to finish visiting all in one go, but there are some places that you absolutely cannot miss if you’re here. Take a stroll in the beautiful palace garden or sit at the Great Hall with Harry Potter; there is loads to do and see in this beautiful city.

Buckingham Palace Garden
Britain is all about royalty and so a visit to the royal palace should definitely top your itinerary. Pretty Huge Place to Finish Visiting The magnificent royal residence has 775 grand rooms. Take a Buckingham Palace and Garden Tour and see the beautifully treasured 17 State Rooms of London’s only working royal palace. Also, get a chance to see the royal collection. The garden area is open to visitors; a booked tour will take you there to view the enclosed, ornamental paradise.

The tickets for the Buckingham Palace Tour must be booked from the Royal Collection Trust website only. Since the Queen officially resides here, the place is only open to visitors in summer when she isn’t at the Palace.

Tower of London
The Tower of London is one of the most famous and oldest buildings there. Although the Tower is notorious for torture and gruesome murders, enter the place and you will discover the culture and history of the royal palace. There is an armory, a strong fortress and the reputed Crown Jewels as well. Also, you will get to know about the fantastic collection of animals that have been there turning the place into London’s first zoo.

Hatton Garden jewellery market.......................................................
Hatton Garden is the jewellery hub and heart of London. The place is always jam-packed with buyers, tourists and locals too. Hatton Garden covers a large area, taking up an entire street that is filled with jewellery stores such as engagement rings Hatton garden and shops selling other precious items. For those visiting London for the first time, this is a must-go place. You can find amazing options and designs for jewellery at a cheaper price in comparison to the high-street jewellery stores.

Madam Tussauds Museum
Come face-to-face with the world’s most popular celebrities in the Madam Tussauds museum. The wax museum was opened in 1970 and since then till date new wax statues are being erected almost every year to add to the beauty of the one-of-a-kind museum. There are more than 250 wax figures that are practically indistinguishable from real-life people. Strike a pose with Kate Winslet, Aishwarya Rai or get clicked with The Rock. From Madonna to Ed Sheeran to the respectable Queen, there are countless figurines here that you can look at and simply marvel at the striking resemblance with their real personas.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
Being in London, you simply can’t not experience the Harry Potter universe up close and be a part of it. Visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London where they take you into the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Discover the halls and classrooms of Hogwarts, explore the Forbidden Forest and take a trip down to Diagon Alley. Oh, and all this will happen when you go through Platform 9 ¾ on the London Station. This is the equivalent to Disneyland for all the ‘Potterheads’.

There is a lot more than just this, but these are the 5 places that top our list. Also, we might have forgotten to mention, but London has the best Lab grown diamonds hatton garden, don’t forget to check them out. So, which place are you visiting first?