Most Popular Apps to Download in 2022

Android apps in the mobile phone are inventions in the technical field that entertain people. These apps allow you to perform different tasks along with entertainment. For example, you can work from any location, keeping you connected with your family, friends, and colleagues. With the right app, you can perform different tasks like recipe checking for households, art canvas, and also different gaming apps.

Choosing the best popular app to download is a quite challenging task. There are available a huge amount of apps in the Google play store of the android phone that are categorized in different fields as music, utility, production, etc. But which one is best for you? Here we have arranged a list of apps that would help you out for this purpose.

Most popular apps to download in 2022 and reviews

1: Facebook messenger

When you talk to your friend about anything and you have to convince his/her then the best app that you can download and use is the Facebook messenger. Most people already have aFacebook account and know about its features. Facebook messenger is a fantastic app to use. Its operation is very simple and easy. However, you can experience the best voice and video calls.


  • Creating stories and video massages
  • Encrypted conversations
  • Create a room
  • Send audio massage
  • Make phone and video calls

2: Stocker:

Stocker is s Chinese app. As the name shows stocks, portfolios, and cryptocurrency management are the main functions of the stocker. It provides all-in-one functions like US stocks, Taiwan stocks, Hong Kong stocks, Star stocks, and British stocks. All these types of stocks could be performing at a time at the stocker. You can get all the information about the benefits and the crises of the stock portfolio in only a single look.


  • Multiple indicators
  • Cash flow model
  • Growth model
  • Profit chart
  • News and forums

3: Ritual FIT: 30-Minute Fitness

Ritual fit is a type of app that involves all the factors involved in a workout. It allows you to understand all the exercises from simple to some complex ones. Ritual fit to optimize your exercise to best-quality audio and video coaching. It is a free workout platform that allows you to do some extents freely. If you have the goal to remain fit slim and stronger then you have to put 30 minutes or less time to yourself after the guidelines of ritual fit.


  • Obtain the minimum effective dose
  • Personalized and fresh workout
  • Best-generation audio coaching
  • Workout without equipment
  • Health integration

4: LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a Desperation type of app that is mostly visited by people that are involved in certain jobs or want to get the job. They visited it after lying probably in the night, might be after a day or in the office. The LinkedIn app goals and have companionship with the LinkedIn web service that you can check every day.  Here occurs the entire profile page that contains the work experiences of people and the tools for internet networking but now it becomes more social networking platform.


  • Improved interface
  • Easier to manage connections
  • A quick way to update
  • Best push notification options

5: Shoot Land Game

An entertainment type of app includes a shoot land – jump and shoot game. In this game, you have to save yourself as well and play different levels of the game.  This game is specially created to enhance your intellectual level and to focus on different unique gaming levels. Its most demanding and challenging feature is the action and shooting features. From the basic level, this game is quite simple and easy but with the passage of levels, it becomes tricky and challenging.


  • Multiple unique levels
  • Enhance intellectual level
  • A mobile game that could play anywhere
  • Best sounds, visuals, and music
  • Easy to understand


In this article, we have discussed the features of different types of apps that involve gaming apps, social app, informational apps, and fitness maintaining app.

If you want entertainment then you should choose a gaming app like Pin Pull Rescue Puzzle Game. It offers many fruitful features. Besides it, other most popular apps to download are available here.