Most important styles of telematics systems

Hello buddies, I wish you all are doing terrific. In present day educational, I am going to proportion basic information of Arduino Nano Board. I even have decided on this subject matter as it’s a most typically used Microcontroller board due to its flexibility, small size and cheapness. Moreover, it is also a best microcontroller board for engineering students to design their Final Year and Semester Projects. So let’s examine its basic functions, houses and skills:

Basics of Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano is a Microcontroller board designed and manufactured by means of Arduino organisation.
Microcontroller used in Arduino Nano is Atmega328, which is likewise used in Arduino UNO. The best distinction is Nano has its SMD form even as in UNO its in DIP shape.
The running voltage varies from 5V to 12V.
Now let’s examine its simple capabilities:
Basic Features of Arduino Nano 

It has 22 I/O Pins in total and 14 of these pins are digital while the closing eight pins are analog.
It has 6 PWM Pins amongst 14 virtual pins.
Analog Pins of Nano has a decision of 10 bits and its cost modifications from zero to 1024 and in phrases of voltage it varies from 0V to 5V.
It has a crystal oscillator of 16MHz.
In order to upload code in it, we have to use Mini USB Pin linked on it.
It supports different protocols for communication, which might be:
With latest traits in generation and innovation, a huge number of vehicles were customized to contain telematics devices.Telematics are devices designed to attach and display all digital devices inside your car. They are normally positioned to your automobile’s onboard diagnostic port (OBP), that’s determined near the guidance wheel underneath the dashboard.
One example of a telematics device is EyeRide Online, which provides an all-in-one fleet control monitoring and monitoring system.The primary characteristic of these telematics gadgets is to ship and acquire data via community connections, which make your vehicle completely connected. There are two most important styles of telematics systems:
· Embedded 
· Non-embedded
Having a telematic system incorporated or embedded into your car has many advantages:
Driver Behavior and Fleet Safety
Telematics help sell safe riding behavior, which in flip help to reduce incidences of careless riding, therefore reducing the quantity of avenue injuries as well as boosting fleet safety. On the other hand, it allows fleet proprietors to intrude in real-time whilst needed, which facilitates avoid collisions. Also, statistics collected from the telematics device permit you to enhance your using conduct.
Cost Cutting and Fuel Economy
Telematic systems help increase fuel performance, which ensures the transport industryis able to increase productivity and decrease operational prices.Telematics additionally improves the automobiles protection levels, for the reason that system can notify you have to renovation be required.
Risk Management
Having the telematic tool send data on your coverage issuer makes you eligible for rewards such as top rate reductions presented by way of the agency for safe driving. Additionally, those devices assist fleet operators identify motive force weaknesses and the way they, the drivers, can be coached.
How Does Telematic Technology Work?
To install fleet tracking generation, a small piece of hardware known as a telematics or black field is outfitted at the back of the dashboard. Each telematics system consists of three principal additives: theaccelerometer, a SIM card and a GPS antenna. The GPS gadget detects where you’re positioned inside the international and the speed at that you are traveling. The accelerometer senses whether or not and when your vehicle is worried in any shape of unexpected movement of impact, inclusive of surprising braking and severe acceleration. The data amassed is then transferred through communique channels to a comfortable server within the cloud. It is then analyzed the use of both text and diagrams, which might be then despatched lower back to you.
Why You Should Install a Telematics System?