Most Highly-Rated Steam Games with Cheap Steam Game Keys

What games are we playing nowadays? We offer you a selection of fun and attractive Steam games that will grab your attention. Let’s talk about quality games on Steam which will give you a lot of fun and enjoyable hours of play.

The list opens with Dead Toasts debut game My Friend Pedro, which will tell the player about a strange but sincere friendship between a man and a banana. My Friend Pedro is a fast-paced and hurricane shooter with pleasant controls and continuous action – all accompanied by Retrowave music and neon colors. 

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is perhaps one of the best metroidvanias created by an independent studio funded by the players themselves on Kickstarter.

Needless to say, the game almost completely met the expectations of the players? Considering that out of almost 13,000 reviews, 96% are positive.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a game with an amazing level design, storyline, locations, various enemies and bosses, and if you’ve craved a good metroidvania, then this game is definitely for you.

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People Playground sandbox is a time-killer with tons of ways to destroy mannequins. The game helps to pass the time wonderfully, as well as to calm the naughty nerves.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a rather interesting and original simulator of both massive battles and equal duels, in which, one way or another, someone will die anyway. The game allows you to create absolutely absurd and funny situations on the battlefield, and everything is limited by your imagination, and nothing more.

Touhou Luna Nights is another good metroidvania with original puzzles, a great soundtrack, and interesting mechanics.

Risk of Rain 2 is a representative of the classic roguelikes with the ability to play with friends in hand-crafted locations, where 4 players fight various monsters and bosses, gradually unlocking new abilities and items.

In addition to the usual game in Risk of Rain 2, there are other modes, and the game is actively updated with new content.

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is a restoration of a game that defined the future of an entire genre. Capcom took a risk, developing a remake of a game that was released literally over twenty years ago, however, the risk has paid off with interest and we have the best remake in the history of video games.

Resident Evil 2 is not only a great way to experience the classics of Survival horror but also the opportunity to play one of the progenitors of the genre in one person.

Baba Is You is a rather difficult puzzle created by students, and for the first time presented at the exhibition of independent indie games IGF 2018, where Baba Is You won in the nominations for “Best Design” and “Best Student Project”. Then the developers hid for a while in order to polish the game again. Baba Is You is quickly gaining widespread interest now.

8 months after its release, Baba Is You has over 6,500 reviews on Steam, of which 98% are positive.

Slay the Spire is a game that skillfully combines the rogue-like and CCG genres, creating a new genre in which the player will have to collect unique decks with which the hero will defeat enemies in order to find artifacts and defeat evil.

The original idea received a response from the audience, almost a year after the release, Slay the Spire has sold more than a million copies, and this is only on the Steam store, where the game has more than 45 thousand reviews, of which 97% are positive.

Dynamic action platformer called Katana ZERO is one of the highly-rated games. The game has a variety of mechanics, such as time management, thanks to which the game becomes much more replayable, and opponents are not ordinary mobs, which we are used to seeing in similar games, no, everyone needs an individual approach here. However, the gameplay is far from the only advantage of Katana ZERO, in addition to it, the game has an intriguing and convoluted storyline that fits perfectly into this gameplay.