Most Desirable Places to Live in Colorado

Some Alternatives to Denver

Colorado real estate is hotter than it has ever been; Denver is seeing all-time highs. Everybody’s moving from the coasts these days, and when they think “Colorado”, the city that immediately jumps into their minds is Denver. And sure, Denver has its perks. It also has its downsides. For example, an apartment within ten miles of the city’s center is as costly as L.A.

That said, as the state’s biggest city, Denver has a lot to do with the culture of the state as a whole; so it’s understandable why it is perhaps the most popular city. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the most desirable place to live. Take a stroll down east Colfax past the interstate in the evening, and you’ll see how true that is.

With that in mind, this writing will briefly focus on several other hot spots in Colorado that are less known, but which could actually represent a far better option than Denver. At least three of these are within about an hour’s drive to the bustling metropolis, also; meaning whenever you want to drop in, you can.

1. Fort Collins, Colorado
Fort Collins means three things: family, education, and music. There are private schools to get around public issues, there is an abundance of clean parks, and the music scene is one of the country’s best. Property values are strong, and Horsetooth Reservoir sits in mountains that come right to the edge of town. You could ride your bike there if you don’t mind the hills.

Speaking of bikes, Fort Collins has some amazing trails—the one which stretches right up the Poudre River (it’s more of a creek, really), is downright refreshing. It’s beautiful. And if you don’t like riding, take some inner-tubes down the Poudre; it’s a fine relaxing event. Plus, CSU’s campus is nearby, there are always sporting events, and Fort Collins has fine nightlife.

2. Estes Park, Colorado
Estes Park is the locale in the mountains that Stephen King’s The Shining was based on. That doesn’t sound like a glowing report, but it is; it just requires more background. See, there’s this hotel in Estes Park called The Stanley Hotel. You can actually stay there, and it’s a national destination. But the reason it’s there is because of the beauty of the area.

Estes Park sits on the edge of one of America’s best national parks, and so it’s been a destination for years. Stephen King went there and his funky brain came up with The Shining, but that really undersells the area.

Dozens of top-tier shops and eateries stretch along a pristine mountain stream. There’s a tram on a line up the mountain, beautiful lakes—check it out. Estes is amazing.

3. Woodland Park, Colorado
Woodland Park, Colorado is located about a half hour’s drive from Colorado Springs. It’s a quiet little mountain town that’s in some ways more affordable than Fort Collins, or some other front-range towns. To get an idea about the properties in popular Woodland Park Colorado real estate guide websites like the one linked can help you see just how beautiful this area is.

Compare real estate in Woodland Park to Estes Park, to Vail, and to Aspen. You might find this area really appeals to you.

4. Durango, Colorado
Durango is one of the best-kept secrets in the state. This idyllic mountain town in the southwest of Colorado is full of legacy architecture, a hip young scene, fine nightlife, and the exceptionally vibrant outdoor activities that define the state. Since it’s remote, it tends to have its own sort of consolidated culture. Definitely, check out Durango.

5. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Colorado Springs is the second-largest city in Colorado, it’s just an hour south of Denver (provided you avoid traffic and road construction), and it’s a very diverse place.

There’s a military base in The Springs, and Red Rocks are nearby, as is the natural formation known as The Garden of the Gods. These places draw a lot of people; and all that isn’t to mention downtown’s vibrant vibe, endless mountain trails just a short drive away, nearby Pike’s Peak, and all the rest.

Finding Your Ideal Home or Vacation in Colorful Colorado
Colorado Springs, Durango, Fort Collins, Woodland Park, and Estes Park are some of the finest places to live in Colorado. When you weigh cost, entertainment, outdoor activities, wildlife, culture, and history, these are some fine places to be. Whether you’re vacationing or moving, check out these hot spots before making your final choice.