Most Common Tooth Problems That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Tooth problems are never fun for anyone ever! But the good thing is that if you take proper care, most of them could be prevented. 

Activities like brushing at least twice a day, flossing, eating properly and going for dental check-ups can help you with easy family dental care. 

Also, if you are aware of common tooth problems, then you can easily prevent them. 

On that note, how about knowing about some common tooth problems that you should be aware of? Read on and explore more!

List of common tooth problems at a glance 

  • Bad breath 

In India, one of the commonest of teeth problems is bad breath. Many people face this embarrassing issue that downs one’s confidence. Teeth problems like cavities, dry mouth, tongue bacteria, and gum diseases to bad breath. Using a fluoride-based mouthwash may help you but not cure it. You should visit your dentist if you wish to rule out the problem of bad breath. 

  • Tooth decay 

Tooth decay is also known as cavities and is among the common teeth problems that affect people. When plaque, a sticky substance forming on the teeth collaborates with sugar, then tooth decaying may happen. The combination also leads to attacking tooth enamel. Anyone can get this condition at any age. As you age, your enamel erodes, and you can develop cavities. If you have dry mouth due to age or medicines, then even that may lead to cavities. Avoiding snacks and drinks rich in sugar and eating healthy foods can prevent tooth decay. You should visit your dentist frequently to know about possible family dental care regimes to keep off it. 

  • Gum disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the infection of the gums that surrounds the teeth. It is one of the key aspects leading to the loss of teeth among adults. If you are aged 30 and more, then you may be at the risk of developing gum disease. Smoking, along with dry mouth and diabetes are major risk factors for it. Regular dental check-ups with twice a day brushing, along with flossing, may help you to avoid it. 

  • Oral cancer 

Oral cancer is one of the serious teeth problems that affect tons of people. If it is diagnosed earlier, then it is curable. People who are aged 40 and more could be at the risk of mostly developing the condition. The biggest risk factors for oral cancers are the chewing of tobacco and drinking alcohol. A sexually transmitted wart virus, known as the HPV is also responsible for increasing the risk for the onset of this disease.

If you experience lumps, sores, rough areas in the mouth, then it may be the possible symptoms of it. Once you develop any of them, you should rush to a nearby and reputed dentist and know what it is. While undergoing dental check-ups frequently, you can ask your expert if the oral test is a part of the procedure or not. It can help you know what you are up to and take corrective measures at the earliest. 

  • Tooth erosion and sensitivity 

The loss of tooth structure is what is known as tooth erosion. It is caused by acid that attacks the enamel. One of the common symptoms of it is tooth sensitivity. Tooth erosion is common that people think, but it can always be prevented. Tooth sensitivity is one of the common teeth problems affecting millions of people. 

If you experience any discomfort while eating or drinking anything hot, cold and sweet, then you may be facing sensitivity. The affected people may also feel discomfort while brushing and flossing. It could be a sign of a cracked tooth and needs to be corrected by visiting your dentist. 

You are now aware of the common teeth problems and their possible cures. If you can follow the advice of the dentist, then you can have better family dental care. 

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Shailendra Kumar

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