Most common Jewelry materials and allergies caused by them

Do you get redness or itching on your new earrings? Does the metal of the necklace cause irritation in the neck? Does the skin of the finger itch under the ring?

Jewelry allergies are surprisingly symptomatic in many ways.

Jewelry allergies are contact allergies, for example, when the skin comes in the contact with an allergic material, an allergic reaction occurs, such as irritation, redness, swelling, or itching.

Although jewelry allergies often occur in the ears because the skin of the earring hole is particularly thin, jewelry allergies also occurs in other parts of the body, such as the neck and fingers.

This is how you can reduce the skin irritation

  • If any material causes you skin irritation, just simply dot use it.
  • Clean your jewelry on regular basis. Often the skin symptoms caused by jewelry are because the jewelry is not being cleaned and it starts catching dirt.This is especially true for earrings and rings where there is tight skin contact. 
  • Don’t wear jewelry around the clock, but let your skin “rest” in between.

Safe jewelry materials that do not cause allergies?

Most know that nickel-containing jewelry should not be used because it causes allergies. Fortunately, there are also jewelry materials that do not irritate the skin. However, it is good to understand that the most expensive piece of jewelry is not always the best piece of jewelry in the sense of allergies.

The question of safe jewelry materials such as pearls bajuband online cannot be answered directly and unambiguously because people are different and maybe sensitive to different substances. Thus, it can be sensitized to both inexpensive and more expensive materials. It is also good to understand that jewelry is usually made of an alloy, e.g. gold or silver jewelry is never 100% gold or silver, but also contains other substances. I’ve done below a list of the most commonly used metals, jewelry, as well as their association with allergic.


Silver is an antimicrobial agent. It kills bacteria and fungi and prevents them from multiplying. Silver is used e.g. in the treatment of burns and wounds. A small amount of silver is enough to sterilize the water. The allergy caused by silver is very unusual as there are only a few confirmed cases that show that silver caused the allergy.


Gold is softer than silver and is therefore not well suited for jewelry as such. Gold alloys are used in the jewelry. The alloy makes the gold jewelry harder and thus more useful. Alloying changes the color of gold. As an alloying agent, e.g. silver, copper, and zinc.

White gold: Ancient white gold, in which nickel was used as an alloying agent, may cause allergies. Today, palladium, which is much safer than nickel, is often used as an alloying agent.

Artificial Jewelry metals

If the jewelry is made of artificial jewelry metal, it can mean virtually any cheap alloy. As the artificial jewelry metal is not standardized in any way, you must choose the jewelry from authentic providers. In general, the inexpensive jewelry material can be the cheapest possible material, so it can be possible that you are not wasting your money in vain. The artificial jewelry material must be durable and reliable.

Jewelry made with Cheap materials can cause allergies without any doubt. So if the artificial jewelry cause itching, stop wearing it and buy artificial jewellery online from an authentic online portal such as Swaraj Shop.


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