Most Common Error That We Facing in WordPress

A WordPress powered website is extremely good for increasing the online presence and attracting more visitors. The best part of this website is the simple and easy user-interface that allows users to utilize it in a hassle-free manner. However WordPress is simple to use, some common errors can pop up on your screen to interrupt your work. No matter how simple the error is, there’ll be the frustration of not able to resolve it. In this, the WordPress error log can help you to get an insight into the root cause of the problem so that it can be resolved.

Let’s check out some of the most errors in WordPress that users frequently witness and report:

500 Internal Server Error

Many times, we see an error message that says “internal server error” due to which your request gets incomplete. If we’ll see this error in-depth then we’ll find out that various reasons can cause this error to occur. Some of the main causes behind this error are memory limit, plugins problems, and theme functions. If there’ll be any problem with these then you might face 500 internal server error.

The best way to get rid of this error is temporarily deactivating the plugins which are causing trouble to you. You must deactivate the plugin by removing them one by one. Avoid deactivating them in one go as you won’t find the faulty plugin.

establishing a database connection

A problem in establishing a database connection

As the name suggests, error establishing database connection happens where there is a broken connection with the database. If this problem is happening then you will get to encounter such a connection error problem. Now, what to do to fix this error? How will you rectify this WordPress error? For troubleshooting the error, you need to first understand the cause behind this error.

  • If someone tried to hack your site
  • If there is any problem with the hosting server
  • Sometimes an error in a wp-config.php file can also cause this error to occur

Once you identify the cause, you can proceed to fix the problem. If there is wp-config.php file error then you must first go to the wp-config.php file through a file manager or FTP. After this, make sure that the name, password, username are correct in the database. Correct them if you find any change in this.

If you couldn’t get the solution of this error then you must ask this to your web hosting server. After telling your problem, they can help you regarding database connection error.

Syntax error

This is again a very common error that has been reported by many users. If you have made changes in your WordPress website, then you can see this syntax which is also known as parse errors. What makes this error to occur?

You can see this type of error if there is an error in code pasting. For fixing these syntax errors, all that you need to log in to your dashboard and then click on the My cPanel. After this, you just need to click File Manager.

White Screen of Death

When we are talking about errors in WordPress, we cannot forget about the white screen of death. Many times, this error has interrupted the work of the used. When this error happens, you won’t be able to access the dashboard or site. For some, the white screen of death can be more frustrating as you don’t understand what the main cause behind this is.

Two main causes of this error are PHP memory limit exhaustion and plugins. Firstly, you will have to increase the memory limit of the PHP so as to get this error to be fixed. You can increase the memory limit up to the standard limit of memory which is set by web hosting and WordPress. If you want to increase the memory limit then you must first open the wp-config.php file and then add some line of code in the main PHP tags.

Secondly, you just need to deactivate the faulty plugins to fix this error. You can continue deactivating the plugin until you don’t find the faulty one.