Mosque Management – The Budget Friendly Solution

Managing any organization whether it is a mosque or any other institution is a very difficult task and needs attention, hard work, and a lot of time. Managing a mosque is relatively a hard task as it is a non for profit organization. The mosque management cannot recruit anyone with market competitive pays as they do not earn from any source and it runs on funds mostly. This is where the Mosque Management System steps in.

Mosque management systems are unique and are made to help the mosque administration to better manage the mosque without any issues. We will understand and look into the best and budget friendly mosque management solution but first we will discuss the problems the mosque faces in managing the mosque and its operations.

Problems Faced By Mosque Administration

Mosque administration faces many problems due to lack of funds, workers and time. The main issues faced by mosque management are mentioned below:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Fundraising Management
  3. Program Registration

1.    Financial Management

Mosques often rely on donations and contributions from the community for their funding. Managing finances or donations can be challenging, when there are fluctuations in donations. Whether there are less numbers of donations or high number of donation in terms of funds, the mosque administration suffers.

If there are less funds the mosque cannot complete the mosque operation and when there are overwhelmingly high funds, the mosque is unable to manage them, as it needs time, precession, and knowledge of the donors and donation. This makes the whole financial, donation and donor management difficult.

2.    Fundraising Management

One of the most difficult task for the mosque administration is fundraising management. While it may look easy at first but it is not as easy to collect funds as it seems.

It can be challenging task due various reasons, which includes:

  • Taking out time
  • Manpower
  • Finding relevant donors
  • Donor fatigue

Apart from all of the mentioned issue they also find it difficult to make the funding transparent not because they do not want it but because it also needs time and a team to execute it. With that, accountability also comes under the belt but as mosques find it difficult to gather much donations and funds they lack to have someone who manages all their accounts.

3.    Program Registrations

Program registration can pose challenges for mosque administrations due to many things which mayinclude the following:

  • Organizing programs
  • Limited resources
  • Data management

Managing participant records securely, processing payments, and planning for program capacity are important but complex tasks. Additionally, handling waitlists, cancellations, and refunds requires well-defined policies and procedures. All of this makes it handling programs and managing them a difficult task for mosques and a solution is needed.

MOHID – The Budget Friendly Mosque Management System

MOHID is an efficient and effective mosque management system that makes all the tasks easy for the mosque administration and enhances the mosque operations exponentially. The MOHID Mosque management system includes both software and hardware.

Its software features include:

  1. Donor Management
  2. Membership Management
  3. Fundraising Management
  4. Zakat Management
  5. Program Registration
  6. Announcement Emails and SMS

On the other hand, the hardware features include:

  1. MOHID Donation Kiosk
  2. MOHID Donation Handheld

With MOHID, you can leverage your mosque operations by automating the whole mosque and handling everything efficiently and effectively. This makes all tasks easy from donor management and membership management to fundraising management and program registrations.

If you want a budget friendly solution for your mosque that eases all your task and enhances the overall mosque operations then MOHID Mosque Management System is the best option. Visit their website today and learn how they can help your mosque in all of your efforts while being budget friendly.

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