Morocco, a Paradise for the Water Sport Enthusiasts

The North African country and home to the giant Sahara Desert and the mighty Atlas Mountains, Morocco is a very colorful country with colorful cultures and traditions. This country is just like a paradise for any traveler who enters within its outskirts. From the historically important cities and many other small towns, there is everything for every traveler to get in this country

 This Muslim country is loved by travelers, adventurers, and energetic surfers alike for its unique geography.  It finds itself anchored on both the Atlantic and Medditterian Coasts. This makes Morocco an ideal location with a diverse range of adventurous landscapes for the lively ones who are gearing up to enjoy the thrilling water sport activities in Morocco.

Morocco, a Dreamy Home for Surfers and Adventurers

There are many possibilities in this African land for the surfers and the lovers of other water sports.  There are many little Moroccan towns near the coast, which are sustaining on the income from water sports, fishing and entertainment.  The most magnetic sporty site of this country is Essaouira where surfers, fun-seekers, holidaymakers, and freedom lovers gather together to sway and play.

So whether you are a beginner or Professional get ready to make unforgettable sporty memories with unlimited fun and exuberant surf trips to the sporty towns of Morocco.

This bustling African country cordially welcomes you to learn, practice and enjoy the enthralling sporting activities that you mastered.

If you are an outdoor water sport adventurist you can have exciting water sport opportunities like underwater diving, surfing, white water rafting, kayaking, windsurfing, jet-skiing, sailing, and deep-sea fishing.

If you prefer to dry on a land adventure you can take part in many popular activities like back riding, hunting, hiking or trekking, mountain biking, rock or ice climbing, paragliding, skydiving, skiing, and snowboarding.

Adventurous Water Sports in Morocco

We have handpicked some awesome water adventures you can have in Morocco. The soothing splish-splash of Moroccan waterslides would surely make you go gaga.

Gear up yourself to practice any of the following water sport in Morocco that you have learned and mastered in your life


One of the best water sport activities you can have in Morocco is Diving along any of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. Both coastlines are very charming along with the rich and diverse marine life.

While diving, you would amaze your eyes with Morocco’s fabulous Marine life. You would see various species of Marine Mammals such as Dolphins and whales. Besides this, there are more than 240 fish varieties on these two coastlines.

While diving across the Mediterranean you would find the soft sandy bottoms with scintillating fauna (flower varieties).


If you are an adventurous surfer then welcome to Morocco. The good news is that this African landscape is Surfer’s Paradise. This country flaunts loads of great surfing beaches near the popular touristy cities such as Essaouira, Rabat or Agadir. These surfing beaches are very long and pristine with ideal high sun-kissed tides.

Surfing in Morocco

The Moroccan beach cities like Agadir and Taghazout are the best surfing destinations where thousands of surfers sail on their own surfing vehicles.

If you are a new surfer or the beginner then drive 10 minutes south of Taghazout to find small surfing towns of Tamraght and Aourir. These are the golden Moroccan towns for the new surfers or beginners.

Rafting and Kayaking

The perfect time to sway in Moroccan waters in the spring of March and April when the snow melts and feeds to rivers. After finding your way through the stunning Atlas Mountains reach out to Ahansel River of Morocco for an ideal rafting and Kayaking expedition. The Kayaking in the crystal clear waters of Ahansel River serves as the Blissful escape from the buzzing of Marrakech city.

Rafting and Kayaking in morocco

If you want to take part in white water rafting then you must kick-off to Oum-er-Rbia in the High Atlas. It is the second-largest River in Morocco. It is a soothing and pure water body that passes through the villages known as  Khenifra and BeniMellal


Morocco is one of the most charismatic countries in the world with favorable weather conditions.  The excellent winds always make this adventurous country as an ideal windsurfing destination.  Here you can feel the perfect mix of fun and windsurfing experience.

Windsurfing in morocco

Morocco is the great windsurfing holiday destination with a magnetic atmosphere of warm sunshine, soothing wind, and cool water waves.

This ideal climatic condition of Morocco makes it as the windsurfer’s paradise. The most important windsurfing destinations are Dakhla and Essaouira. The latter is also known as the Windy City of Africa.

 Among this two windsurfing, you can pick whatever you like. For Dakhla, the best time for windsurfing trip is from September to May and for Essaouira, the ideal sporting trip time is from April until November.

Water Skiing

Morocco is not a dry desert country. It is an incredible water sport station for water sports lovers. Don’t worry if you have landed in the desert. Because right heading towards the middle of the desert there is an incredible ski station that is none other than Dakhla.

Water Skiing in morocco

Dakhla has a huge eye-catching waterfront that extends for 45 km. Near this waterfront, the first water-skiing station is there for you to practice your amazing water skiing skills in splashing water tides.

Dakhla has also an inspiring Cable Park, with an efficient cable system that perfectly comes up with the requisites of sporty enthusiasts.

In extreme winds of Dakhla, Water Skiing is the best alternative to surfing

Kite Surfing

It is the water sport that combines windsurfing and wakeboarding. This sport consumes the power of winds to pull riders over the water surface on a kiteboard or surfboard. If you are a kitesurfer and looking for a fabulous water sports destination for your next kitesurfing adventure for an exotic experience, we would recommend you to head on Morocco. This country contains the all-known kitesurfing destinations named Essaouira and Dakhla.

Kite Surfing in Morocco