Morocco for Travel Journalists

I’m a journalist and travel around the world to explore the beauties and cultures with Halal Holidays Being in Morocco was my great experience and now I say that the destination really deserves a visit. I remember when I was opting for a place and my friend gave me options, these were Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Morocco. I opted for the last one and the reason behind to choose Morocco was simple. I had studied about the region and I knew it already that what Morocco had to offer. That is why when I landed in Marrakech airport, I had an idea where I had to head. By the way, the very important thing to clarify here that, after some of the instances, Morocco was considered to be a dangerous and unsafe Morocco. Let me tell you about my experience there.

It is safe, Don’t Worry

Are you scary? Don’t be. When I was leaving home, my cousins were there to scare me and all the way I kept thinking of the terror groups, conservative mindset. The most haunting is to imagine my beheaded head. But that was not that much, I was somehow satisfied because being a journalist, I’m more efficient in research and always concern about the place I have to visit.

I was in contact with many of my journalist friends in Morocco also. That is why I was satisfied and updated about the situation there. I found Morocco a very peaceful and beautiful place to travel to. I saw families there. Because it was a festival month,  Morocco was full of foreigners and I personally could not find a free space wherever I went during my whole trip, but it was really a splendid experience to believe me. If you are a travel journalist, Morocco is calling you to explore its every nook, it is just amazing.

The story of the two Swedish female travelers was really disturbing, but it is not a series of events have to happen in Morocco. I find Morocco a very tolerant country having different ethnic and religious differences among the residents, an aspect of harmony and the respect was unique. For me, a very serious concern was sexual harassment as a woman. I had talked about this to my friends and they convinced me to be satisfied with this issue. Some confidence and skill were needed to tackle the problem, It was not a complex science, to be honest.

It was the happiest thing that nothing happened to me. I enjoyed the trip as men can do. This was because I’m a professional woman and can tackle every situation, always confident about any circumstance in my life. So traveling is the same, I add the same values to my traveling. Being a professional really helps you to tackle various situations at once.

Beauties to Explore in Morocco

When I was only imagining Morocco in my thoughts, there was a simple destination with no other special attractions. But when I landed Marrakech, the secrets of earth were gradually exposing themselves in front of me. Marrakech is a jewel on earth. It is called a red city in Morocco. It is really a red jewel. I captured hundreds of photographs and wrote words on them in the outlet I work for. It is really a marvelous place to visit.

What was the other attraction my readers wrote me back about was my days in Tangier, the blue Gem of Morocco Chefcouaen and the about my days and nights in the grainy Sahara.

For you, If you want to feel romantic, just bask in the beaches in Tangier and have the services of luxury Spa. You will be writing the words of the calmness of those beaches along with the pictures you will capture there. It would really impact your readers. For your information, Tangier is home to many western writers who came but never gone back, they made Tangier their home and that is why a large number of Christian people are living in Morocco very peacefully.

An Authentic Experience of Historical Sites

If you are a journalist and interested in the world’s history, you must have known about the Muslim and Christian eras. Morocco once was the part of the Roman Empire you must have known. Then in times of Muslim dominancy, it was under Ottoman influence, after that it worked like a colony of different empires like Spain, France, UK.

From Roaming in the old Medina in Marrakech to the Chefchaouen, and Rabat, you will definitely be enjoying to experience the old influences of the area it still preserves. The heritage is so rich, you may get the guide by googling the UNESCO world heritage sites in Morocco. Maximum help you will get by that search and then set out to explore the destination, there are a lot of things there to write about and provide your readers with the most interesting historical facts with pictures they want to know.

Taste, Capture and write about Moroccan Food

If you are in Morocco and don’t gonna write about its food then there is no justice served with your journalistic tour to Morocco. You will start your tale by the very famous Tajine which you will be served everywhere, in your guest house, Riad, or in the local restaurant. You will get tired but the dishes in Morocco will never end.

I  tried and wrote about different types of Tagine. The couscous soup was so heavy but soon I was used to having that soup because I mostly liked to have that soup in the lunch or in the evenings. If you want to taste Pastilla, you must try it from Fes. You will not miss having the fresh juices on the terraces of the local juice corners in Chefcouaen. It will give you a magical impact grabbing a juice/coffee in your hand and having a wonderful view of a blue city and writing about your travel experiences. Trust me, you will enjoy your trip to Morocco this way. I expect your words on your experiences now. Roam around the places in Morocco and write to me about your experiences. Have a great time.