More Effective Advantages of LED Street Lighting – Fixtures

Today LED lights are more efficient lighting tools for save energy. Today’s road networks are more expanding at an exponential rate, illuminating the roads at night with traditional lighting source, such as conventional street lighting fixture technologies like (HPS) – high pressure sodium and (MH) – Metal Halide, has become gigantically energy intensive. In this regard, LED street lighting fixtures are the smartest and low cost source of street lighting.

There are many benefits of LED Street Lighting:

  1. Energy Efficient:

LED lights are more environmental friendly due to their low energy consumption cost up to 50% less compared with its conventional counterparts. This greatly helps carbon emission, considering the sheer number of street lighting in use across the globe.

  1. Safer Than Traditional Options:-

LED lights are more useful than other traditional old technology option that are used in olden days. Now LED Lights uses to create light and do not contain toxin releasing hazardous elements such as mercury and lead which are found in traditional light sources.

  1. Durability and low maintenance: 

LED lights has more life span of around 100,000 hours and emits far less heat than other conventional bulbs. This means more than any other lower maintenance cost and higher durability of LED Lights.

  1. Convenience:

LED Lights are more convenient to use; unlike fluorescent and (HID) high-intensity discharge lamps, they instantly provide lighting with full brightness the moment they are switched on. Also, unlike HIDs, LED Lights do not suffer from the problem of restarting immediately after a brief power outage or an inadvertent switch off.

  1. Better color rendering:

LED Lights can render color better than other traditional lams, a very good thing for motorists as this makes it easier for them to recognize objects.

  1. Less glare:

Since LED’s emit light in one direction rather than a diffused glow like other traditional sources, they can be used to direct light on exact areas. So, directing the light downward helps to lessen the amount of light that goes to a driver’s eyes. Another benefit is that they can be dimmed, which gives more flexibility to control light levels.

  1. Flexible usage:

LED Lights have more flexibility in terms of usage. LED’s have been used to create ingenious effects, such as boosting the brightness level when a pedestrian walks by or a car passes. This prevents wastage of valuable energy.

  1. Highly versatile:

LED lights are also more suitable for those areas where installing normal light using street light poles or other kind of these are more costly, inconvenient or difficult but LED Lights are easy and Highly versatile for installing.

  1. Not Emit UV Rays:

Conventional lamps or lights emit ultraviolet rays or uv rays which attract insects. This kills a lot of insects but its also badly effect to human body. LEDs attract far less insects due to the fact that they do not emit ultraviolet rays or UV rays, making them far more environmentally beneficial.