Moondusa – The Versace-inspired, Medusa Head NFT Collection

Moondusa NFT, a collection of Versace-inspired, medusa head NFTs, recently sold out within 1 hour of launching.

Moondusa NFTs are the brainchild of two incredibly creative and innovative entrepreneurs, working together with an amazing well-known artist named Self33. Justin Secreti and Corey Allen, the two co-founders, have been long-term friends and business partners, while Self33 has made ripples throughout the music industry with his creativity, albums, and his ability to push and promote artists and projects.

The three have come together and created a collection of 8,888 randomly generated NFTs, each and every one containing various backgrounds, body, outfit, accessory, and other elements.

With a tremendously popular and dedicated discord NFT community, a motivated team, and the eyes of the entire Solana space set on this project, it’s definitely one both NFT enthusiasts and investors should keep an eye on.

Holding these beautiful NFTs will activate exclusive access to many various digital & real-life rewards such as NFT Airdrops, Moondusa Madness P2E game, Staking, Breeding, Metaverse, VIP parties, Signed Artwork, Collectible Moondusa Merch & much more!

Getting its inspiration from the Greek Medusa usage in brands like Versace, and the famous crypto world phrase “to the moon”, the brand brings together vision and mission to create a project focused on delivering long-term results to its community members. So how do we participate?

How to get a Moondusa NFT

Moondusa will be available for purchase on Magic Eden.

You will first have to download the Phantom extension for Google Chrome or the Solflare App so you can create a wallet and purchase the SOL token, native to the Solana blockchain. Once SOL is in your wallet, you can connect your wallet to Magic Eden, and you’ll instantly be able to mint your own Moondusa. 

Once the minting process has begun, a beautiful Moondusa of your choosing will be available in your wallet.

How to stay connected with the project

Explore the Moondusa NFT collection on Magic Eden – here.

You can stay in touch with Moondusa through their official website –

To learn more about the project and join the community, be sure to join the discord server here. Discord

You can also stay in touch with the project and its team on social media via Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.


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