Monte Williams: How this leadership coach is adding value to people’s lives

A debate often persists about whether leadership is an acquired or inherent skill. It’s a hotly-contested debate that divides people into two camps. Those who believe it’s inherent argue that people cannot become exceptional leaders over time. 

On the other hand, you’ve got those who believe anyone can be a leader and develop leadership qualities. It’s simply about their willingness to transform their inner selves and push themselves out of their comfort zones and beyond their limits. 

That’s where Monte Williams enters the picture. As a leadership coach, Williams has dedicated his life to adding value to other people’s lives. He helps others by inspiring them to become better leaders with his methods. Doing so allows them to add value to their environment by leading their followers, subordinates, and disciples in the best way possible. 

Monte Williams’ career has spanned over 15 years, and he has delivered wherever he has gone. He’s a thought leader whose credentials cannot be adequately penned because they’re so extensive. His work has since been featured in Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, American Express Business Class, and numerous other publications. 

His successful career can be attributed to his mindset. While many managers and senior executives believe investing in equipment, machinery, or other assets is crucial, Williams deviates from their approach. His focus lies solely on human capital. Monte Williams believes you cannot go wrong with investing in the people around you. 

That’s why he has built multiple high-performing teams and mentored countless employees at various levels, generating millions in revenue. This belief has also prompted him to engage and empower the world’s most preeminent leaders to unlock their potential and delivery the best-in-class experiences through every touchpoint of the customer journey. 

Monte Williams also accomplished another important milestone in March 2020 when he gave a TEDx Talk called “Get In The C.A.R – The Keys to Sustainable leadership.” This talk focused on extrapolating the concepts discussed in his book, which also shares the same title. His TEDx Talk focused on the essential traits he believes people need to become great leaders. These include courage, resilience, agility, integrity, and discipline.

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF, Monte founded the ALEU in 2019 – a leadership development company focused on helping professionals develop leadership skills to bring more value to their organizations. The company focuses on four areas. These include leadership development, executive coaching, workforce readiness, and organizational architecture. 

Monte William’s career has been full of highlights. But things haven’t always been easy for him. As a black American, people often view him with biased optics, thinking he’s less qualified than he is, which has required him to work harder to achieve his success. Regardless, that hasn’t stopped Monte from sailing forward full steam ahead. His plans for the near future include expanding his business, creating online training courses, writing new books, and engaging in more speaking events. 

He doesn’t like to let his hair down and relax because he’s too passionate about his work, which involves changing people’s lives and showing them they can surpass their wildest expectations. However, you can sometimes catch him engaging in his favorite hobbies. He loves bowling and engineering music. He also likes to carve time out for his wife and two sons, with whom he lives in New Jersey. 

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