Money For Makeup: A Guide about Different types of Makeup Essentials

Females use makeup to hide their flaws and imperfections. This helps them to fight their insecurities and makes them look beautiful. For this, they save money for makeup and invest in high-quality makeup brands to look their best.

Makeup allows you to cover your spots, acne, and wrinkles most effectively. It makes you look young and beautifies your features. So, if you want to look gorgeous, you need to know about different types of makeup products.

Following are some of the types of makeup products used by females in routine:

·       Primer:

The very first product that we apply to our skin before putting on makeup is primer. All makeup artists recommend using it before applying anything to your face. The main purpose of using a primer is to prepare your skin for makeup.

Applying a primer allows you to reduce the size of open pores on your face. It also helps you to make your skin smooth that allows makeup to properly set in. It not only makes your skin shiny but also creates a smooth base for your foundation.

You can have different types of primers for different areas of the face. For instance, you can have an eye primer for your eyes and a lip primer for your lips. The difference between these primers lies in their functions.

A lip and eye primer help to reduce lines present on your lips and eyes to make them look more beautiful. One must not ignore using a primer before applying makeup, as this is the most important step that helps you get flawless and smooth skin.

Primers are available in different forms. Depending upon your skin, you can get a powder, cream, or even a gel primer.

·       Foundation:

After proper application of primer, the next step is to apply a foundation. A foundation helps you get an even skin tone and creates a balanced look. Foundation acts as a base for your makeup, and thus should be according to your skin color.

Applying a darker or lighter shade of foundation might ruin your entire makeover and may look unappealing. The main function of using a foundation is to enhance and smooth your skin and not change your skin tone. So, one must select the shade of foundation by considering her skin tone.

Foundations are available in a huge variety and thus help people with different skin tones. You can find it in different forms, such as cream, powder, and liquid foundation. You can also get it in the form of a stick that offers easy application.

Moreover, foundations may also vary as they offer low as well as high coverage, depending upon your skin type and skin tone. Some people require a thin layer of foundation to smoothen their skin. However, some may require a thick layer to cover their flaws.

You can apply a foundation with the help of a sponge or foundation brush. Applying a foundation with hands is generally not recommended as your fingers might absorb it before getting into the skin of your face.

·       Concealer:

It is a thick formula that is usually one shade lighter than your foundation. A concealer helps you cover your blemishes, dark circles, and freckles. It can also help you deal with the discoloration of your skin most effectively.

Applying a concealer makes your skin acts as a canvas so that other products can perfectly set on your face. It greatly covers up your imperfections and offers you spotless and flawless skin. You can use two types of concealers to have a perfect look.

For instance, you can use a little peachy concealer to cover up your dark circles. Along with that, you can also use a concealer with a green tinge. This concealer plays an important role in hiding and neutralizing red spots present on your face.

·       Face Powder:

After applying primer, foundation, and concealer, here comes the turn of face powder. The main purpose of applying the face powder is to absorb all the products applied before perfectly. Face powder plays an important role in blending the primer, foundation, and concealer perfectly.

You can apply face powder either with the help of the powder brush or with the help of a sponge. So, you cannot apply it with your hands as it might not spread evenly with your fingertips. You can have face powder in two forms; pressed powder and loose powder.

Face powder takes away all the excess oil from your skin, and now your skin is ready for your makeup.

·       Highlighter:

If you have enough money for makeup, you need to buy a highlighter too. As the name indicates, a highlighter helps your skin glow and reflect light. As a result of this, you can get shiny skin that makes you look gorgeous.


These are only a few of the most commonly used makeup products. You need to buy all the necessary makeup products from a high-quality brand to keep your skin safe against different issues of the skin.