Money back through cashback – How much can you really save?

Cashback allows you to save money when shopping both online and offline. To do this, it is usually necessary to redeem a coupon, discount code or similar: In the simplest case, this works via the website or directly at the retailer’s checkout. Sometimes it also requires an app on the smartphone. But is it really worth it? How much can I save with a cashback?

The simplest case: discount codes

If you want to save especially fast, dedicate for a cashback the discount codes of the merchant. You can get these, for example, by subscribing to the newsletter, by placing a previous order or as part of a promotion by mail. Mostly you get from the mail or the website with the newsletter subscription directly to the store, with activated discount code.

Tip: If you shop at an online retailer and on the way from the shopping cart to the checkout somewhere discover a field in which a coupon or discount code(Gutscheine ) can be entered, you should briefly search the web for such a code. Often you can save 5 – 15%, depending on the provider and product.

Cashback via merchant app

However, it is not always that easy to get a cashback. In the retail sector in particular, more and more apps are currently appearing for individual retailers, which customers are encouraged to install by means of corresponding discounts. Concrete examples are the apps from Rossmann, Lidl or other discounters, in which coupons can be browsed and activated. The activated coupons can be credited at the checkout via a QR code. Often there are also 5 – 15% discount in it, with special product-related promotions it can be more. However, you pay in return with personal data and quite a lot of time: not only the time you need to install the app – for example, the coupons are often available in an unsorted list, so that the search for the right coupon is also not a quick undertaking. However, this is in the interest of the providers, because this way you also look at other coupons and buy something you didn’t have in mind before.

In return, the apps bring benefits such as a constant availability of coupons or special rewards. Some even allow you to pay at the checkout in the same move as scanning the coupon QR code.

at baur you can find many products with cashback and great discount codes. many baur vouchers ( Baur Gutschein) are valid for 30 days and thus you can save a lot of money.

Cashback away from discount codes: Loyalty points, usage rewards, referrals and more.

In addition to the classic coupons or discount codes, there are also some additional ways to get cashback, especially online: Through loyalty points or similar models, for example, which reward loyalty to the retailer. Or through rewards such as those that often accrue when shopping by credit card. Many merchants also reward recommendations or invitations from friends with a cashback or even directly with a voucher. Many retailers offer so-called referral links in this sense. Sometimes it can even be worthwhile to simply ask the retailer directly for a discount – for example, because you buy a large quantity, because you review the product or because it is a charitable project.