Money-Back Review – Can You Retrieve Your Stolen Funds?

Money-Back Review

Launched in 2017, Money-Back specializes in recovering funds of traders lost to scams and fake brokerage platforms. The company uses its experience to help the victims who fall prey to unregulated and unauthentic brokers. In this Money-Back review, I will tell you how this firm recovers the money and what you need to do if you face such a situation.

According to Money-Back, if there is some evidence to back the case, in 90 percent of the cases, money can be recovered with sincere effort. Money-Back is offering four types of services to its customers. These services are:

  • Investment and trading related services
  • Consultation and recovery services
  • International banking services
  • Services for merchants and providers

The team of Money-Back comprises traders, financial experts and psychologists, which combine to make this team highly effective. The principle on which this firm works is no win- no commission. 

Investment And Trading

The team of Money-Back has good experience in financial and trading scams. These are the most common type of cases nowadays because more and more newbies are joining the online market to try their luck with minimal experience. But as a result of lack of knowledge, they face Ponzi schemes and other online investments scams

How Money-Back Works

When a victim contacts Money-Back, its team assesses the case quickly to find if there is any chance of winning the case or not. If the client is able to provide the necessary details, then the chances of successful recovery are bright. Right after the assessment, the team starts working on multiple ends to trace the money and scammer because time is really important in these cases. With every passing minute, the scammers get relief. 

Money-back is well experienced in handling such cases with unregulated brokers, and in most cases, communication with the owner of the fake broker and threatening legal action results in a settlement. Settlement is a good option for victims because legal action can take up to 6 months’ time. Remember that Money-Back will only charge a commission when the money is recovered from the culprits.

Consultation and Recovery

This service is a precautionary measure that allows traders to consult Money-Back experts to test the legitimacy of a broker prior to depositing funds in its accounts. After a very short time of the first contact, its representatives call back and provide the gathered information. This information makes a trader able to make the right decision.

International Banking

Money-Back tries to fight national and international banking crimes as well because they can destabilize the whole financial market. Money-back shares the information it has regarding fraudulent brokers with law enforcement organizations so that no other trader becomes their victim. It works to spread awareness regarding banking crimes to prevent newcomers.

Merchants And Service Providers

Money-Back is providing services for merchants all over the world regarding controlling and managing the safety of cardholder data. The company doesn’t claim to be a payment brand, and more information is provided upon contact.

Price Chart

The fee charged by Money-Back varies from case to case. The cases which consume more time and involve a larger amount of money are charged more fees. The first consultation is free of cost. The commission is usually 7 to 30 percent of the recovered money. 

Customer Support Service

When a trader becomes a victim of fraud, he losses all hopes. But after contacting Money-Back, their hopes revive, and they feel the urge to contact the firm daily to inquire about the status of their case. Keeping this in mind, Money-Back has provided contact details on its website. Clients can contact the firm as many times as they want. This feature proves the level of commitment and integrity of Money-Back. The customer support representatives remain available for advice and support on all the working days of the week between 9 am to 7 pm. 


The customer support offered by Money-Back is recognized universally as outstanding. All its services, including the beforehand consultation, are impressive. No matter what the end result is but Money-Back leaves no stone unturned to help its clients. If you have lost your money, unfortunately, then I will recommend you to try luck with Money-Back to get your life back on track again.

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