Monecor Limited Review – Find Trading Instruments at Your Fingertips

I was a conventional trader from the beginning, however, I was always under the impression that I wasn’t independent as I wanted to be. So eventually I decided to move on to online trading in the hope that I might find the freedom I was looking for. My decision was right and I was offered financial freedom through an online trading platform known as Monecor Limited. I am still associated with this platform and genuinely believe that it is the right place for everyone. I’ll tell you more through this detailed Monecor Limited review.

5000+ Assets at Your Fingertips

One of the biggest advantages of working with Monecor Limited is that the broker is an excellent choice for all types of traders. This is so because, the broker’s experience in the brokerage industry spreads over two decades. I can guarantee you that the broker is a pioneer broker in the global trading markets of forex, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies and commodities. If one looks at the number of assets this broker has integrated, then you will notice that the brokers is bringing to your doorstep more than five-thousand assets.

So in case you decides to go for stocks trading with the broker, then I must tell you that you can avail the opportunity of investing in stocks of companies such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, HP etc.

Outstanding Account Choices

The broker has done a great job with regard to providing complete freedom which can easily be further seen in the composition of accounts. Several accounts namely Fixed, Classic and Raw have been provided by the broker which all come in live and demo accounts as well. Similarly, dedicated accounts too have been incorporated for VIP customers and corporate entities wherein accounts are equipped to deal with large trading volumes without undermining the performance. If one looks at the features contained in these accounts then the notable ones are tight spreads, account manager and strategic-based market insights.

One of the things you would appreciate is that the broker’s accounts can be activated with a very low amount of $100 or $200 maximum. This means that broker’s services are provided to serve every type of trader whether he is financially strong or weak.

Account Opening Process

Online trading erodes the need of obtaining and submitting documents in originals as anything can be done digitally. So the opening of an account with the broker is also very much digital and does not require any paperwork. If you wish to open an account, you will be required to follow three easy steps. Firstly, the trader would be provided with a digital registration form where information will be filled in by the trader where the area has been left blank.

Secondly, the trader would then be asked to choose a method through which the trader wishes to fund his account. For account funding, the broker accepts funding sent through banking channels or payment cards. Thirdly, the filled in form will need to be sent to the broker through an email for completing the registration process.

24/5 Customer Support

There is a reason why this broker has been booming all around the year for the past two decades. The reason is the customer support which the broker has been offering 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Broker’s customer support is unparalleled because it is full of professionals who are committed to their jobs of offering solutions to destitute customers facing either technical or any other kind of platform related problem. The staff there will make sure that your calls are responded as quickly as possible, however, the maximum time will not exceed more than 3 minutes. Otherwise, the trader could use the live chat feature or mention the issue faced in the ‘contact form’.

End Remarks

You should seriously consider Monecor Limited for your trading objectives because it is not only reliable but also vastly experienced in the field. You will find your financial freedom with the broker because instead of you going to the broker, the broker will bring five-thousand plus instruments right at your doorstep. Remove the curtain hanging between you and the broker by signing up with the account of your choice.