Modern Wardrobe Ideas To Elevate The Look Of Your Bedroom

Most people believe that the bedroom can be made beautiful only with aesthetic construction elements. But this is a completely wrong thought. A bedroom can be transformed from poor to posh if you make smart wardrobe choices. They are high on aesthetic and functional value as they can store and organise the everyday essentials neatly. When you say wardrobe, it need not be a walk-in closet, but even compact modern wardrobes can uplift the space. Before you check out the wardrobe online at Wakefit, here are some ideas that you can consider. 

Types of Wardrobe Closets

Thee are many types of wardrobe designs; some of the popular ones are:

  • Wooden wardrobe design: Wood is the most popular and the best material for a closet. It can be designed as per your requirement and be assembled on-site. One can go for built-in wardrobes when building a house, but buying a separate piece gives the freedom of movement to move it to where you need. Check out the wooden wardrobe online for more designs. 
  • Aluminium wardrobe design: These are lightweight and can be relatively inexpensive compared to other materials. These have their own beauty and charm and give an industrial look to the space. 
  • Wardrobe with mirrors: These have mirrors on their doors and are good for smaller spaces where there is no luxury of having a separate dressing table with a mirror. A wardrobe with a mirror makes the room appear charming and spacious. 
  • Sliding wardrobe: These are space savers. Even if space is not a constraint, it adds elegance to your room. It provides easy accessibility and operation. 

Closet Design Based on Storage Needs

Consider your storage needs when choosing a closet design. Ask yourself what storage solutions work best for your clothes and accessories. Determine if you need hanging space or more shelves instead of hangers. Do you need a space to store your bedding and winter wear? Do you need storage space for your socks, delicates, and other accessories? Answers to these questions will help determine the closet design and the storage space required. 

Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

Most people in urban homes have small bedrooms, so space is at a premium, and you will need well-defined ideas so that you can use them in small closets. While standard-sized closets may not fit in, you can have built-in storage with a door and many shelves. Have a wardrobe with drawers at the top and cubbies at the bottom. If you are looking for storage solutions in guest rooms, opt for foldable or portable wardrobes. You can also opt for DIY closets by using your creativity. If opening a wardrobe is a problem, use sliding doors or take the minimalistic route. If you have vertical space available, use freestanding and tall closets instead of wide and broad ones. Having some hanging space for dresses and suits also makes it highly usable. 

Wardrobe Ideas for Larger Rooms

If you have a larger bedroom, you can incorporate many wardrobe ideas. But you should ensure that the different components gel with the interior design. For example, if you have a beautiful decor with ornate bed designs, then the wardrobe design should also complement it to become part of it. You can have a big wardrobe with mirrors in the master bedroom or choose a minimalistic design with sliding doors. 

Here are a few tips on wardrobe design ideas:

  • Check the space available to know the compatible size of the closet. 
  • If you have enough space even after placing the bed and side tables, then consider a walk-in closet or a master bedroom wardrobe. Have enough hanging space for your expensive sarees and suits. Have enough shelving for your inexpensive clothes and accessories. Install pull-out drawers to organise watches, sunglasses, belts, etc. 
  • If your space is limited but enough for a proper-sized wardrobe, then you can choose from a wide range of wardrobes with shelves and hangers. You can choose between a swinging door or a sliding door, depending on the space available in the bedroom.
  • If the space is not enough for the above two options, you can have tall closets with multiple shelves. Do some research on the internet for organisation ideas.

Look For Innovative Solutions

Your storage needs may need innovative solutions, so instead of just opting for traditional designs, look for creative options like built-in cubbies, drawers, hanging shelves, etc. If it is for your master bedroom, a large closet is needed, not for your kids’ room or the guest room. You can opt for full-length drawers for storage space in such places. 

You can browse through various online resources like wardrobe guides or flip through catalogues to find great storage solutions based on the size of the bedrooms. Consider the overall interior design to curate the designs that connect with you and fit the bedroom design. 

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