Modern tech tools your business should be using

Since when did software and hardware get so expensive? Wasn’t the whole point of progress to bring costs down? Then again, perhaps that’s just the price of progress – because if you really think about it, when has a modern device like a market-leading laptop ever cost you less than an average month’s salary?

It’s a true puzzle. You need technology to make your business function, but paying for it can mean the last thing you ever buy is a “closed for good” sign. Isn’t there anything we can do about it? Let’s look at software tools every business needs – that won’t cost you the planet.

Video software

If you are yet to invest in video content software you are missing a marketing trick that’s been an open secret 2:29 PM, July 1st, 1941. Otherwise better known as the world’s first TV ad (promoting watches). And if you’re thinking that’s a rather specific time, look it up. It’s recorded in the Guinness World Records. Anyway, back to video software.

Instagram. TikTok. Facebook. LinkedIn. DrivelBabble. OK, that last one was made up. The fact is that big business knows the big names in social media and so does the target audience. What’s so special about social media? Video, that’s what. Video content is huge. One estimate suggests that one million minutes of video is streamed online every minute. Obviously not by the same person, or that would be an intense fast forward feature (and probably a trip to the optician).

With around 80% of consumer web traffic coming in the form of video, can you really afford to miss out?

Video conferencing tools

Video conferencing made substantial gains during the 2020 era of the pandemic and many affordable platforms are now available.

Here’s a tip, though. Several major platforms can be problematic because they weren’t designed with big meetings in mind (or if they were designed with big meetings in mind, the decision-makers at those firms need to be made to stand on a chair and explain themselves to us all). What is the problem? Namely, it’s how many people can speak at once.

Some leading software still only allows two speakers at once. It’s absurd. Let’s say a meeting involves a realistic six or seven people. Now, only two can make noise at once, and if a third were to crinkle a sandwich wrapper, one of the original two speakers would be cut off so that the whole group can listen to Gary unwrapping his chicken on rye.

Don’t fire Gary. Instead, shop around and make smart decisions. 

eLearning tools

Hands up all of the business leaders who have let their usual staff training protocols slide due to lockdown restrictions… that sure is a lot of hands in the air. eLearning tools give you the means of supporting your employees remotely. Where staff have not received any training in a 6 – 12 month period, there are bound to be best-practice updates that your company is missing out on. Sign up today and look forward to a more informed and productive workforce.