Modern Day Education Is Going Against The Brown Vs. Board of Education Landmark Ruling. Is It True?

For more than sixty years, the “separate but equal” law by Plessy V Ferguson segregated whites and blacks in every aspects whether it was education, medical help, residence or employment. The African Americans were treated as a minority in all the spheres of life. They were kept at bay and were dictated by signs telling them where to eat, walk, talk, drink or rest until it was overturned by Brown vs. Board of Education.


Brown vs.Board of Education reported in 1954, overruled the racial discrimination stating that even though the segregations at public school are provided with equal facilities, and are unconstitutional in nature.


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Brown vs. Board of Education: A Historical Ruling Indeed!. 1

Is Racism Springing Up Yet Again?!. 1

It Is The 21st Century, Racism Knows No Place in This World!. 2

Brown vs. Board of Education: A Historical Ruling Indeed!


The policy of racial segregation was introduced in 1986 by United States Supreme Court, whereby all the facilities for African Americans were separated claiming that it didn’t violate the constitutional laws.


Brown vs. board of education came into being after such discrimination led to major issues among the minorities. Topeka Public School District refused to enroll the daughter of a black resident Oliver Brown who lived near the school and instead had to take a bus for another school of black children. The similar situations faced by local residents led to file a case against Topeka Public School in US Federal Court.


The court supported the Blacks saying that the 1986 law “separate but equal” is violating the constitution and led to the end of educational segregation under Brown vs. Board of Education which was a chief conquest for the Civil Rights Movement. The law led to Massive Resistance among the white population which was led by Virginia Senator Harry F Byrd. Attempts were made under this plan to segregate the education system again. The court reaffirmed its rule in the favor of the minority thus assuring equal opportunities in all educational assets.


Brown vs. Board of Education holds a critical status in the America’s Civil Right Movement. It changed the complete landscape of American Education, even for the better!


  • It allowed students to get enrolled in their schools of choice.
  • It allowed the Africans to teach in White schools.
  • It lead to equal educational opportunities among the blacks and whites.
  • Racial discriminations were reduced to a greater extent because of it.
  • It lead to friendship and acceptance among both nations.


The case proved to be a turning point in the history of America. But the question arises here. Does it still have any impact on Education in America? Are natives ready to accept minorities as a nation? Is racism totally eliminated from the modern system of education or is it springing up again?

Is Racism Springing Up Yet Again?!


Elimination of racism is easier said than done. For most of us racism has never been a problem. We think that it has been eliminated completely because we are never the one facing the barrier.


According to Online Custom Essay writing Service UK, more than 50% of the essay help are availed by Black students showing the utter partiality of native teachers with Africans. The teachers assisted native students more than the minorities when it comes to explanation or instructions.


Not only this, but the students are not given equal opportunities when it comes to participation in activities like theatres, sports or other activities. It seems like prejudice has a root since colonial era that cannot be banished at all.


Racial discrimination is not only illustrated in education but in various spheres of life leading to socio psychological effects. It at one side give privileges to Whites on the other hand denies the basic rights of minorities. The effects of the discrimination is not only seen by Blacks. Asians, Europeans, Jews and Arabs all are effected by it.


From getting a land for oneself to filing for social security, the minority suffers a serious problem in attaining social justice.

It Is The 21st Century, Racism Knows No Place In This World!


We are living in the millennial era human is breaking all the barrier. Whether it’s exploring the universe or discovering what lies in the core of the earth, we can make the impossible, possible! Then why is racial prejudice preventing us from reaching milestones?


People from all over the world move from one place to another to seek education. If racial discrimination is not eliminated from the world, we might have many real potentials undiscovered.


Racial justice is important for personal and national well-being. It brings harmony among the nations, builds and strengthens relations among countries and lead to economic welfare. Many organizations are working against the racial segregation.


  • There are multiple civil movements running under the same agenda which is “say no to segregation”. Their mission is to stop tolerating injustice in any every area of life.
  • The removal of discrimination based on age, gender, ethnicity, race, origin is made a priority for The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
  • Multiple campaigns are organized globally all around the world urging the importance of diversity. These campaigns raise knowledge among different cultures and similarities exiting between them.
  • The scientists are working on theories like Darwinism which states that we all have same origin.
  • The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is celebrated every year to show the unity among nations.
  • Guidebooks and sessions are made an important part of the teacherstraining program to increase acceptance and tolerance teaching among students.
  • Discussing and writing on subjects like racial discrimination and its effects are effectual in creating awareness among students. Best essay Help onlinehas multiple essays on such subjects.


We live in an era where indiscrimination has no place. Its eradication is extremely important not only for growth as a nation but human as well.


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