Model Bipasha Banikya addresses the risk she took to live her lifelong ambition

Bipasha Banikya

From adolescence, we draw our perception of a future world where we have accomplished our dreams or passions. Shortly, when we grow up, the hustle and bustle of life make us forget about our ambitions. Yet, some people seize the risk to give up on their wonted way of life.

The fashion model Bipasha Banikya is one such soul who gave upon her ordinary life to achieve her dreams and she did this several times. In the present time, Bipasha is a blooming content creator on various social media platforms.

Bipasha always wanted to be a denizen of the glamour and glitz world. It was her preadolescence dream to accomplish. However, she wasn’t optimistic about joining the fashion world as a consequence of the perception formed by society.

Bipasha believed that the fashion world is skeptical and isn’t long-termed. Therefore, she went on to pursue degrees that weren’t related to her passion. However, she couldn’t bypass it and in her final year, she took the risk and sat for the placements that were solely from Bombay.

As much as Bipasha was excited about her life in Mumbai, she wasn’t much convinced with her job. After working for 8 months, she realized the value of her dreams and interests. Leaving her job, Bipasha then started blogging and worked with a media company to gain decent stability.

Only when she laid the founding stones of her dream life, pandemic happen. As Bipasha couldn’t receive any collaborations, she then again took up the teaching job to resume her earnings. It was the post-lockdown setting that bestowed her great deals and events that made her passion a huge success.

Bipasha Banikya’s life journey was full of ebbs and flows. She took several risks from her first job to a media agency and then to a teaching job. Turning her passion into the profession wasn’t a walk in a park. Nevertheless, she achieved it by being tenacious and devoted. We wish the best for her future.