Mobile SEO Questions and Responsive Web Design – A Bird’s Eye View

Google rolled out the mobile-first index in 2018 after its algorithm found out that searches were more on mobiles than desktops. Ever since then, SEO professionals from Atlanta web design companies have migrated to mobile-friendly versions from desktop versions as far as web designing is concerned. Since this concept is relatively new, many questions and clarifications come to mind.  

What are the Frequently Asked Questions Related to the above?

Given below are the most commonly asked questions related to Responsive web designing and mobile SEO.

  1.   Which URL searches Engine Index?

It is a well-known fact that Google prefers mobile search. They show desktop URLs for all searches that are on desktops and mobile URLs for all searches on mobile. However, as far as indexing is concerned, it is mobile-first indexing that Google prefers.

  1.   Mobile-First Index Ranking

A critical outcome of mobile SEO is that even though Google indexes mobile URL first, your website ranking will not be impacted by this preference. To get better ranking, ensure your UX or User experience of your website. Remember, when it comes to indexing, every single page is taken one by one.

  1.   What are the Best and Beneficial Practices About Mobile SEO?

To derive the best results, keeping your desktop content the same as mobile content is one of the best practices that you can opt for. As such, when you employ the techniques of Responsive web designing, ensure to keep the provisions in both formats.

Voice search is found only on mobile sites and restricted to mobile and hand-held devices. Therefore, it is important to know the performance of the mobile site and align the content accordingly. Consider incorporating essential elements related to ‘Speed Update’ and ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages Project’. The faster your website, the better the UX and the lesser the bounce rate.

  1.   What are the Different Approaches to a Mobile-Friendly Website?

You can opt for any one of the 3 approaches when it comes to the mobile-friendly site., such as Responsive web designing, Separate Mobile Site, and Adaptive Website. Many people have this wrong notion that if you have Responsive web design for your mobile device then you need not have to optimize the website. This is not true. Ask any experts from Blue Light Labs and they will simply say that a website that has been developed with Responsive web designing has to be optimized too.  More than 80% of internet users now use handheld devices and consequently the majority of the web traffic coming from them. By not optimizing their mobile website and content, then they will not be able to take advantage of most of the traffic. 

Aside from the commonly asked questions discussed above, you will also find that few other aspects hold a lot of interest in the minds of the people. Questions like ‘How hassle-free is the navigation’, ‘How frequently must you update content’, and many such similar questions.