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Mobile Notaries

Many mobile Notaries wonder why they got into the Mobile Notary Signing Agent business. They were lured by the promise of easy money and flexible hours. However, they now realize that Mobile Notary money isn’t easy. Being mobile means, they can work any time they want, not just Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. Mobile Notary Business can be rewarding, profitable, and fun. But, is it right for me? Before you start your mobile notary business, here are some questions to ask.


Are you willing to work hard for little or no pay? You should expect to earn tiny the first few months and work 12–16-hour days when you start your Mobile Notary Business. After that, you won’t get paid for anything, from marketing to sales to taxes. The only way you can make money is if you sell. This brings me to my next question.

Sales person

You will have trouble getting your Mobile notary business started if you don’t. For example, you are a mobile notary, and you sell a service As a Mobile Notary, you will drive a lot on your vehicle, sometimes up to 5000 miles. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Add up your monthly mileage at about 2,500 and divide that by how many miles your car gets. Let’s say you get 12mpg, which is 208 gallons. Multiply that number by the $3.30 gas price in some areas, and the total comes out to $684. Be for you to collect a dime out of pocket

Have you committed?

What happens if you make 75 dollars as a Mobile Notary within your first month? Is it possible to quit your job? What if you only make 75 dollars for your first three months as a mobile notary?

It’s not easy to be a mobile notary. Although it seems like all work at first, you may find yourself taking a weekend off or even making some extra money. Do I have the willpower to endure the worst? But, as with all things, you will eventually learn to love it and even become great at it. Talk to your family and friends about your plans. Be realistic about what you can expect when you first start as a Mobile Notary.

Mobile Notary Services

Mobile notary services are a great option when documents must be notarized quickly and at a particular location. There are many benefits to mobile notary signings, both in personal and professional settings.

Real estate transactions. Agents have the advantage of being able to close in any location. In addition, agents and clients can have their notary signed at their preferred location, whether in a coffee shop or completed house.


Title and escrow transactions. Title and escrow transactions can be very urgent. Mobile signing allows the title and escrow companies to have legal documents notarized quickly.

Lending and mortgage transactions. A transaction that is delayed by several hours can make a difference in funding or interest rates. Lending transactions can be completed on time or ahead of schedule by having legal documents quickly notarized.

What to look for in a mobile notary

Mobile notaries are usually independent contractors. Hiring an independent notary can have both advantages and disadvantages. Independent public notaries are generally less expensive than notary agencies, but their overhead is lower and often lower costs. However, finding their locations and speed of service can be challenging, making it difficult to gauge their professionalism before they sign documents. You can find individual mobile notaries by using online directories like,, and

The online representation of their services. Professional websites are a sign that the services they offer will be experienced. Online directories like or can be used to help you find individual mobile notaries. Service providers that offer mobile notary signing may be more reliable and provide a standardized service. Look online for local or national services to locate companies with a good reputation, such as Docs on the Fly or Superior Notary Services.