Certified Pre-Owned Mobile Medical Units Dealers in US/CA

Medical Mobile Services have improved access to healthcare for many people. Mobile Medical Care Services have played a key role in providing medical healthcare facilities that save money in treatments and help detect health problems. Most of the basic services include primary care, medical screening, dental care, prenatal care, pediatric care.

Healthcare organizations looking to buy or rent mobile medical units at affordable prices should get in touch with Mission Mobile Medical Group. If you want to sell or lease your old mobile medical units, which are still in good shape and functional, M3 Group can help you get the best trade-in value price. They are the sole independent dealer of certified pre-owned Mobile Medical Units in the US and Canada.

Don’t worry if you are new to launching your Mobile Medical Services for the local people and communities and don’t know what all work should be done. Mission Mobile Medical Group will help you plan out all the things you need to get done. After weighing all the options, they make sure everything is done according to your requirements and budgets.

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Why partner with Mission Mobile Medical?

Buying a Mobile Medical Clinic is a big decision. You have to take complete responsibility and expenses related to it. But Mission Mobile Medical Group can help you by finding reliable Mobile Medical Units and Services and sharing the responsibility of maintenance.

Transparent Pricing

They offer transparent prices. Even if you have no idea of the rates of the Mobile Medical facilities of North Carolina, you can be assured of the worth of prices you pay. You get up-front costs and margins, so you understand where you are investing. 

Maintenance and Repair

Repair or Maintenance of Mobile Medical Units can bill up a lot. But you don’t have to think about repairs. Their services include regular maintenance of your mobile Medical Unit. They ensure your work is not interrupted due to any technical failures.

Up to 10 Year Warranty

Mission Mobile Medical Group offers you only certified pre-owned mobile medical units that have been well-inspected. Your money and stakeholders are safe with the 10-year warranty and money-back pledge you get from Mission Mobile Medical Group. If any unknown fault occurs within the warranty period, M3 Group will replace the defective piece with a new or remanufactured component at no cost to you.  

Driver Staff

Need someone as a part-time or full-time driver for your Mobile Medical Unit? Your aim to help people with Medical Mobile Services won’t be at pause due to it. The Mission Mobile Medical team can help you find a trained person fit for the role whenever needed.

Operating Staff

If you need staff for your Mobile Medical Unit, M3 Group will help you find and recruit trained people who can manage your mobile medical services’ operations.

Fundraising Support

Mission Mobile Medical Group runs a program for helping raise funds for Mobile Medical Care. You can get help from professional fundraising experts. They can help you guide in the fundraising with a step-by-step process. If you want, you can hire them to launch and maintain a funding program for your Mobile Medical Care Unit.

Safe & Secure Medical Units

Every Mobile Medical Unit you buy will have the necessary security features like GPS tracking, automated engine diagnostics, and daily inspection support.

Design Services

You can get services from minimal to complete interior/exterior finishes through Mission Mobile Medical Group.

World-Class Quality Services

You aim to deliver world-class Mobile Medical Screening and Mobile Medical Care, but that isn’t possible if you don’t have world-class units for Medical Mobile Services. Instead of searching anywhere else, partner with the most reliable company- Mission Mobile Medical Group. Their services will enable you to provide the best Medical Facilities of North Carolina.


Quick Services

The Mission Mobile Medical Group team understands your willingness to help people with the best Mobile Medical Care. Therefore, they offer quick services for your Mobile Medical Units. 


Mission Mobile Medical is a very reliable company. They help you and your team by adding value to your services. They ensure your Mobile Medical Units are in the best shape to allow seamless functioning for your team. 

Finance Source 

Short of the finances for your Mobile Medical Unit? Then Mission Mobile Medical Group can help you with the finances. They also provide in-house financing, so you can start or continue to provide Best Mobile Medical Care Services.

What type of Mobile Medical Units are available?

The Mission Mobile Medical Group provides different types of Mobile Medical Units for you. Following are the types of mobile units you can get for your mobile medical services:

  • Mobile Medical Clinics
  • Mobile Testing Units
  • Mobile Dental Units
  • Mobile Audiology
  • Mobile Mammography

For complete information on the available Mobile Medical Units’ specifications at M3 Group, visit their website or give a call on (239) 292-3750.